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    Pain Care Bill of Rights

    As a Person with Pain, You Have:

    The right to have your report of pain taken seriously and to be treated with dignity and respect by doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.
    The right to have your pain thoroughly assessed and promptly treated.

    The right to be informed by your doctor about what may be causing your pain, possible treatments, and the benefits, risks and costs of each.

    The right to participate actively in decisions about how to manage your pain.

    The right to have your pain reassessed regularly
    and your treatment adjusted if your pain has not been eased.
    The right to be referred to a pain specialist if your pain persists.

    The right to get clear and prompt answers to your questions, take time to make decisions, and refuse a particular type of treatment if you choose. Although not always required by law, these are the rights you should
    expect, and if necessary demand, for your pain care.

    This is courtesy of the American Pain Foundation

    To review current legislation related to pain issues
    visit the 'Thomas' Government website
    ( in the spirit of Thomas Jefferson )

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    Everyone should take a copy of this to their physicians.
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    My rheummy did "not feel comfortable" in his exact words to refill lousy darvocett, which did nothing anyway but was something. I had just read a book about our rights to pain treatment. When his ASSistant called and very "coldly" told me this, I said that I can respect his decision, but as a patient, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO PAIN TREATMENT AS A PATIENT. I told her this very politely, but firmly stating various research studies stating the reality and facts about this DD and about mycoplasma P, and how treating it makes one feel very sick and in pain for a long time... needless to say, when she called back, she was so polite and sweet and said that he would be fine with him referring me to pain management clinic to treat and help me with my pain and he would be glad to continue his treatment with all the other FM symptoms. WELL SAID!!! It was amazing how the attitude changed. If we do not have the knowledge about this DD, we can easily be pushed around and swept under the welcome mat of the d**m doctors office!!! Blessings and health, Iggy
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    tHANKYOU SO MUCH COOKIEMONSTER. I needed that information. LaRayne