Pain Care Policy Act of 2003!!!

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    If we really want to help ourselves, than it is time to do so. I see alot of need and alot of searching for answers here. This act will allow for more money to be inacted for the purpose of helping us! We cant sit around and not do anything about it. We need to write in great numbers to be heard. It is that simple. We can sit around our computers and ask eachother questions and give advise, which is a great support to eachother, but why wouldnt you do more for yourselves and for others when you can at least try? The representative that introduced the bill is Mike Rodgers. The bills name is H.R. 1863 AAPM: Pain Care Policy Act of 2003. Are we going to sit around and complain some more to eachother or are we "at least" going to try and get some help from the outside? Please join us that have wrote to our reps, govenors, someone mentioned the Surgeon General which is a great idea. Please just write to whom ever you can. The addresses are easy enough to find and you are in front of your computer...probably in pain. Love and Support, Sis p.s. This act is of the year "2003" are we going to wait another year or more before we act ourselves?
    Just look up Pain Care Policy of 2003 press release for the information on the program. It is wonderful. Finally.[This Message was Edited on 06/03/2003]
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    I will go to some government sites, learn about this and get my addresses to write to them with my opinion.
    Take care
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    FYI, here is a summary of the bill. If you want more information, you can access the complete bill text and related documents online by using the Thomas search engine. Do a Google search for the word "Thomas," and the link should show up.

    Here's the summary.


    Title: To declare adequate pain care research, education, and treatment as national public health priorities, and for other purposes.
    Sponsor: Rep Rogers, Mike [MI-8] (introduced 4/29/2003) Cosponsors: 11
    Latest Major Action: 5/21/2003 Referred to House subcommittee. Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Health. SUMMARY AS OF:

    National Pain Care Policy Act of 2003 - Directs the President to convene a White House Conference on Pain Care, which shall identify barriers to appropriate pain care.

    Amends the Public Health Service Act to direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services (the Secretary) to establish within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) a National Center for Pain and Palliative Care Research.

    Requires the Director of NIH to carry out a program to develop and advance the quality, appropriateness, and effectiveness of pain and palliative care. Permits the Secretary to award grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts to public and private entities to further the education and training of health care professionals in pain and palliative care.

    Directs the Secretary to establish and implement a national campaign to provide information to the public on responsible pain management, related symptom management, and palliative care.

    Amends Federal law to direct the Secretaries of Defense, Transportation, and Health and Human Services to develop and implement a pain care palliative initiative in all health care facilities of the uniformed services.

    Amends Title XVIII of the Social Security Act (Medicare) to require Medicare+Choice plans to meet certain pain care standards. Requires TRICARE (a Department of Defense managed health care program) to meet such pain care standards.

    Amends Federal law to direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to develop and implement a pain care initiative in all health care facilities of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
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    Gotta keep this up front!
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    Couldn't agree more! Does anyone know who we should write to in Canada?

    bliss out
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    I will not quit until alot of you read this. It is just as much our responsiblity as it is the Docs to help find a cure for ourselves. I just cant believe that I am not getting more responses about this. It is so important to all of us. Please write your reps, govs, anyone who has a hand in it. We really do count. Sis