pain cause or symptom of depression

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by imalive, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Hi has anyone noticed that the more pain you have the more depressed you are or the more depressed you are the more pain you have.
    I'm starting to wonder if the pain is because of depresion cause it seems that the worste my life gets the more I hurt.
    This morning I could not stand up from my bed once I got up I didn't even have enough strength to poor myself a bowl of cerial I called my friend to ask her if she stole my energy. She laughed at me while I was talking with her The child sapport agency called me to ask if I had a current address on my ex-husband cause there picking him up for failer to pay his child support. Any way after that call I felt my energy come back I told my friend I found my energy then I even had enough strength to hop in the shower and eat and the cramp in my shoulder eased up.
    I'm starting to think that maybe the pain is because of depression.
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    Unfortuneately if it were that simple we'd all be cured w/comedy. I do know the counselor I was seeing thought he could 'cure' me by therapy for depression, however I told him that I am not always depressed when I am in pain. I have a journal I keep & I am able to laugh sometimes, even in when I am in pain. Like you though, I too, am guilty of looking elsewhere for a simple answer to my DD. I asked my Dr so many times yesterday if this pain or that pain was caused by arthritis or osteoporosis or some other illness. He just smiled & shook his head & said, "No, I'm sorry, it's the Fibro"... Darn it!
    Denial is part of our grieving process & I love to go there when I am down w/this DD. I also like to think it's 'in my head' when I have my good days (til I go back & read my journal entries from the bad days). It's totally normal to feel like this, we have all been there. Hang in there & keep coming here for support!
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    My guess is that if one can improve either one of these symptoms, the other will also improve.

    Love, Mikie