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    Not sure what to do. I have found a really good primary dr who actually listens. He has recommended a pain center that he sends many patients to and several are FM patients. (all of which have been helped my dr says and their pain has been lessened by 1/2) The problem .... the center is out-of-network. The insurance says I must pay a $500 deductable then they only pay 70% of the costs. Uugh!!! I really cannot afford that and since I have been turned down for SS again and contemplating that next step ... what do I do. There are other drs in my area in the network but NONE of them really understand FM like this center is said to. My husband wants me to check around some more but feels if we must pay for the out-of-network that he will find the money somehow. Another concern ... he works so hard now. Up at 5 AM and not home again until 7:30 PM. He drives 35 miles one-way to work. He is awesome and VERY supportive but I need him around ... not killing himself working to pay these high prices.
    I need some advise?????

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    My attorney suggested a pain specialist who is very good at documenting for SS, but he was out of network and my HMO would pay nothing. I paid for it myself.

    Love, Mikie
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    My first visit to the pain center cost $250. However, it was covered by my insurance, less my co-pay.

    But ... the pain center did nothing that your prirmary doctor can't do!

    I just replied to another post re pain clinics. (see that reply)

    I basically said that I completed tons of forms, she gave me a quick exam of raising my arms, legs, etc. to check my range of motion, wrote me a script for Darvocet for pain (and will not write anything stronger since narcotics do not relieve fibro pain) and sent me for physical therapy.

    Next visit, I requested that she try me on Neurotin. It has helped my pain more than any narcotic pain pill!!!!

    See ... this is nothing more than my own doctor could have done! And ... I'm going to mention this to my own doc on my next visit. I don't think there is any point to me going to him and to her at the pain clinic, paying two co-pays for something that my doc can do!