Pain Clinic and/or Rheumy in Bloomington IN ??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chris47451, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. chris47451

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    Does anyone know of a pain clinic in Bloomington IN? I've heard yes AND no, so am a bit confused. Also I saw on another post that someone had found a great rheumy there that "did not drop patients with fibro" .... I WAS dropped by one, unfortunately. Any info would be so much appreciated!!!! Thanks!
    Crystal =)
  2. BxGirl

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    I don't know any doctors in Bloomington, but I do know good ones here in Indianapolis.

    My rheumy is Dr. Denise Thornberry and she is wonderful! I've been seeing her for about 8 years and she's the one who diagnosed me with FMS. She is with the Arthritis Care Center.

    I also know a wonderful holistic doctor. Dr. Kevin Logan. His office is over by Community North Hospital. He's a medical doctor who treats patients holistically.

    Sorry but that's all I know. I hope you find someone good!

  3. mappyjames

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    I live in Bloomington Indiana also. I believe i have Fms but have been unable to find a good dr here. i am not aware of any pain clinic here. If anyone else has any information please let me know.

    PS: someone needs to start a group in Bloomington for people who have FMS.

  4. BxGirl

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    Come up to Indy - great doctors here!

  5. chris47451

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    I DID find a pain clinic (Pain Management Center of Southern Indiana -- in the white pages) IN Bloomington!!! Gonna be asking primary doc next week for a referral!!
  6. cindymindy

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    I hope I can help you with finding a doctor. First of all I went to the Pain Management Center Of Southern Indiana. I saw Dr. Tiwari. He gave me a total of 10 injections in my neck and lower back. On my second appt I told him they brought no relief. He talked me into getting them again, 10 more injections and no relief.
    On my third appt I ended up leaving before being seen. He has alot of patients and does all the injectons during your appt. A 5 hour wait to see him even with an appt is not uncommon. If injections are helpful for you then the wait would be worth it. He also gives you meds if you need them. I never saw another doctor there but I don't think the wait is as long to see them. You might ask them about it when you call.
    I've also been to the Comphrehensive Spine Center. I saw Dr. Molin there. He wanted me to do PT and I told him I had already tried it. Next he tried to sell me an $80.00 organic food diet plan. He asked me what I had for breakfast and he had me go out to my car and bring in the wrapper from my peanut butter and crackers. Then he read the ingredients to me. This really happened! I went back once after that, I was in alot of pain from the stress of my son trying to kill himself and he gave me the same routine. My husband told him off and we left.
    There might be other doctors there that are good but I don't know. For the person that asked about Support Groups, they have them there. Just call the office and ask for the info.
    Now I'm seeing Dr. William Rushe at the Rheumatology Center of Southern Indiana. I think he is great. My first appt he took 14 vials of blood to run tests. Also had an MRI done on my brain and hands. He changed my pain meds to something that works for me and he is great about keeping my shrink(can't spell the proper word)informed of all changes.
    He is also the one I wrote about awhile back that said he doesn't drop people with FM.
    Hope this has helped you. I know we all have our own opinion about doctors, I just wanted to fill you in on my experiences.
    By the way there is another doctor there with Dr. Rusche but I have heard he's not very good with FM. Please let me know if you choose to use any of these doctors and how it went. Good luck.

  7. chris47451

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    Yes, I TOTALLY agree with you that Dr Rusche is WONDERFUL, but........
    THIS is the office that I was dropped from. I do NOT think it was Dr Rusche OR Dr Worster's decision to do so (my mother has been seeing Dr W for years, and Dr W was my original dx'ing doc). Just be VERY careful that if you ever need to reschedule an appointment, that you ask to speak to the office manager when doing so!!! I truly believe that this was why I was dropped. The office "supposedly" informed me of this by registered mail (funny how I never received this piece of mail even after my third request for it??). Anyway, I have full faith in both doctors abilities at this office. They have completely different bedside manners, but are both very compassionate, knowledgeable physicians.
    And TY soooo much for the info on the pain center!! I think I may reconsider my options now, and may look into one in Indy or Louisville. I know my primary doc has mentioned that he would be very willing to work WITH a doctor from a pain center, so the issue of travel may not be as much of an issue any more.
    Have a wonderful Friday!!!
    Gentle hugs,
    Crystal =)
  8. ksp56

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    Indy is a short distance from Bloomington. There are some very good doctors who work with several of us.

    I drive from Ft. Wayne to see my rheumy... his name is Brad Smith and other's see doctor's in the same practice.

    Bxgirl doctor's are who I would ask to see, if I needed to seek treatment elsewhere.

    If you aren't happy with the results at the clinic, there are a number of Hoosier's who have good doc's!

    Good Luck!

  9. SaraNoH

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    Did anyone ever find a good Rheumy or GP for ME/CFS in or near Bloomington, IN? Even a background treating patients with auto-immune dysfunction could work. My insurance changed and I can no longer see the infectious disease specialist I've been seeing. I've had this long enough not to expect a quick fix but, I don't want to waste time, money, and the little health I have with a doctor who doesn't deal well with chronically ill patients (i.e. who'll blow me off and/or won't work well with the other doctors I see to try and manage the ME/CFS).

    If anyone does decide to start a ME/CFS group for btown, count me in!

    Something I've found in town that might be helpful for others is that Drummond Chiropractic participates in the International Fibromyalgia Flotation Project ( that provides discounted treatment to people with FMS who participate in their studies. Just wanted to pass that along in case anyone was thinking of trying that type of treatment. Cheers!