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    I guess I am dumb but I don't know anything about these clinics.
    I see that some of you go to pain clinics in addition to your rheumatologist and regular doctors.
    Do you think this is a good idea and if so, what do they do differently for you?
    I guess I am dumb but I don't know anything about these clinics.
    My internal medicine doctor gives me pain medication but my rheumatologist will not.
    Any thoughts on the subject?
  2. stinker56

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    My rheumatologist said since my regular doctor gives me medication he didn't want to "interfere" but seems to me it would be him prescribe this instead of the other doctor. She is a very kind and caring doctor and knows that I do not abuse my prescriptions. In fact, sometimes she will ask me if it isn't about time for her to renew them. I only take pain medication when I can't get up and go without it. I do take muscle relaxers to let me sleep but that is the only time.
    I used to go to a chiropractor who did massage therapy, tens unit (which I have one of my own and it really helps), along with physical therapy. It helped as long as I continued to go but she wanted me to come everyday and I had to travel 20 miles each way and that got really expensive along with her fees.
    Thanks for all your thoughts. This board is so good to have anytime of the day or night when your mind runs away with you.
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    You most certainly ARE NOT dumb!!! We are here to help each other!!

    I've been going to a pain management center for almost 1 1/2 years and most definitely wouldn't be able to work without them!!

    I have FM and these people REALLY care about my "quality" of life!

    They have a wide variety of procedures. I have cervical facet joint blocks and trigger point injections done every 4 months. Physical therapy, counseling, and medications also play a large role in treatment.

    My regular dr. is very uncomfortable with long term pain management, so the pain clinic was a godsend to me. (Only rheumy here is an idiot and doesn't believe in FM!)

    I had to sign agreement to only get meds from pain dr., only fill prescriptions at one pharmacy, submit to random drug tests. No problems with that.

    Hope this helps you some!

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    I go to my pain management dr as he is a 1 stop shop! LOL Most DO's are trained in pain management and actually breaking it down to another level of treatment. i.e. they know a lot more about the nerves and triggers than most PCP drs. I have never seen a rheumatologist, so I can't compare.

    I wouldn't dream of getting my pain scripts from any other dr other than my pain management dr. He can actually prescribe a lot more meds than any other dr due to having a special license. The options are limitless with a pain management dr, in my opinion. He also give me trigger point injections as well as facet and ESI injections. He does them in his office which eliminates having to go to another facility for injections.

    I love my pain management dr!!
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    One of the things I learned about pain clinics is that you need to go to one that KNOWS how to treat FM/CFIDS.

    Pacing was the most important thing I learned at the Pain/FM Rehab Clinic at Cedars-Sinai, and many pain clinics don't understand that pushing FM/CFIDS patients can actually cause setbacks.

    I was in the inpatient clinic and taken off all pain medication. All of the therapists came to my room and I started with very gentle stretching and short walks. In less than a week, my FM pain was virtually gone. Within a month, I was climbing stairs, lifting (light) weights and walking fairly long distances.

    My doctors aren't against pain medication and do prescribe it, but their goal was to get me to the point where it was controlled with as little medication as possible.

    I didn't need prescription pain medication for anything except migraines, until another medical problem (that was misdiagnosed for almost a year) put me into a horrible FM flare.

    In a nutshell, not just ANY pain clinic knows how to deal with our special circumstances.

    Hope this helps,

    - julie (is free!)
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    All docs specialize in different areas. The reason many go to a Pain Clinic is to been seen by a Pain Management Doctor. A doctor who specializes in people with pain. An internal medicine guy would be for diabetes, stomach issues. A family doc is one you would go to for a common cold, an ache, a physical.

    Pain Management docs are meant to treat chronic pain or conditions that will not go away & require specialized attention.

    For instance you wouldn't want to see the eye doctor if you think you broke your foot.

    I hope this helps. If the meds & treatments you are currently getting from the doc you are seeing now..step it up. Many pain docs won't see you without a referral. So, you may want to open up to your doctor and ask for additional help. My family doc is also internal medicine as well & he knew he was over his head with me & while he treated me for a while & did his best he knew I needed someone more specialized. Thank goodness I am.

    I hope that helps.

    much love your friend,
    Dawn aka Fungirl

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