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    My pcp has decided to refer me to a pain clinic at Munson in Traverse City. What do they do? I read all the posts about some of you who cant get pain meds from your drs. mine has been so good about it but still i feel miserable. I do know though that with out my duragesic patch I feel worse ( I tried to not wear one last weekend). Do pain clinic perscribe narcotics or is it more holistic? I am trying chiro now and It's killing me. But I also know that i would like to learn better pain management. any info would be helpful! Thanks Alot!
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    All pain clinics are not the same. Some have a Western med approach...others are more Holistic. And just because they are "Western med" oriented does not mean they believe in Pain medications for treating Fibro!

    It's a good idea to ask them upfront what their philosophy is regarding treating Fibro patients. There are very different opinions out there about what is the appropriate treatment for FM pain.

    I have had experiences being treated by 2 Pain specialists (in their own, private offices), by a big/ well-known hospital/ University-affiliated Pain Clinic & by my Family Dr. One Pain specialist got me started on heavy-duty pain meds...My Family Dr. continued treating me with that Pain Dr's suggestions. The big, prestigious Pain Clinic I went to does not believe in treating FM with narcotics, so they got me off them. The other Pain Specialist helped me by offerring muscle injections (didn't help), natural supplement recommendations & a trial of an Alpha Stim machine.He also prescribed muscle relaxers.

    Most Pain Clinics offer education to their patients about pacing activities, relaxation techniques, stretching exercises,stress reduction and possibly behavior modification therapy. The big clinic I went to had a multi-faceted approach to pain which included evals by a physician, P.T. and a Pain Psychiatrist.

    So, as you can see, they all had different philosophies/ approaches. It seems to me that if you have strong feelings about what type of treatment you are comfortable with; best to find out if the clinic will be a good match for you ahead of time.

    Hopefully, the clinic came highly recommended by someone you trust? Has your PCP had other patients who have gone to this clinic & had good results?

    I wish you well on your journey of healing.

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    I went to a pain clinic,I did not want to go,So glad that I did. I listened to relaxation,breathing technique tapes to calm & gather the pain & step by step move it down and out my feet. I also learned to meditate, very helpful. The clinic had these big tubs you get in and soak like a hot tub. I got ice and heat on my tender areas (putting it lightly Excersises & stretches to tolerance, bio feedback. The clinic got me going again, got me walking & ways to accomplish what I needed to get done. I used the techniques I learned there, Througout my life, in stressful situations,& quit smoking. Just an example if I have to wipe the kitchen floor up I use a old kitchen towel. I wet it in a bucket w/cleanning solution wring it out and drop it on the floor I take my foot to do the cleanning & pick it up w/my foot, and so on.......I get out all the supplies I need to do a task, then it is there when I feel I can do it. One other thing, do not elaborate on your illness, dont explain all that you have been thru as it only reminds you how painful it is. Ignore people who say "Oh, you don't look good today" I call my fibro an excelarated pain disorder. My clinic was from 9am - 4:30 each day Mon-Fri. I always make extra when I cook so we have left overs, in case I am unable to prepare a meal. I go to church,(learn alot there) & mondays take a class at church. Trying to focus on the positive!!! I have 2 little pugs Gus & Dozer my babies! hahahaa Good luck to you
    much love,

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