PAIN DIARY - Who was it who had a *good* worksheet??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karen55, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. karen55

    karen55 New Member

    I can't remember who it was, someone emailed me a great worksheet (or at least a link to one). I've been keeping notes, but I want to transfer this info onto a decent pain diary to bring with me on the 18th. The ones I've been able to find on google are not what *whoever* you are had sent me, and I don't remember who it was! Help!

  2. fallingapart

    fallingapart New Member

    The one I think you are talking about is "fibromyalgia pain diary worksheet". You go to google and type the words above without the quotations and it will take you there.
    Hope this is the on your looking for!!
  3. karen55

    karen55 New Member

    I've printed 3 from my google search. They are still not the same as one I received via email, and I just don't remember who emailed it to me! Thought I had saved it as a document in my computer, but I've checked at home and at work and it's nowhere to be found.

  4. JLH

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    I'm a computer idiot. I think google is a search engine, but how do you get to it? I want to search for those pain dairies. Thx.
  5. karen55

    karen55 New Member

    Just type in that www then a dot then google then another dot then com.