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    I had a consult with a pain doc last week, a D.O. in Lynnwood, WA. I wasn't sure exactly why I was going to him, but it turns out it was for a one-time consult only, to see if he had any other ideas about what was causing pain.

    As it turns out, the interesting thing was that he reviewed my MRI films and found that although a radiologist had ruled out Chiari I Malformation, it might still be a possibility. He said there was more fluid in my brain than is normal. He gave me a copy of his report before I left (he typed his notes in as we spoke). He suggested that rheumy have a neurosurgeon he works with in St. Louis review the films and give his opinion as docs and radiologists in this area (Seattle) don't give Chiari I much credence yet. He also mentioned that my growing up in San Jose, CA around orchards could have exposed me to the chemicals used in spraying then, although that wouldn't be possible to tell for sure, anymore.

    That was the good and interesting part. We didn't click at all. I have two docs who type notes during an exam, but they RELATE to me at the same time. He didn't. He seemed to be the "I only see you once so I don't need to know you" type. He made a few attempts at being a little personal, but without smiling, so that was weird.

    Mostly, it irked me first when he shook my hand TOO HARD (I haven't a doctor hurt my hand when squeezing it for a long time). But REALLY when his report said I couldn't use "clearly defined" scales to identify pain and functioning, so my psych should prescribe pain meds! My psych has never had anything to do with pain meds and I wouldn't trust her to, I'm sure she is not a specialist that way.

    The thing about the pain scales - I am the type who likes to make sure I am giving a very accurate answer. I thought I did fine when 4 was described as "nagging", but then I saw 1 was described as "annoying". What's the difference??? I asked him, but no answer. He didn't help me at all, just asked questions and listened for the answers. Also, for functioning, I could have said 90% for working fulltime, BUT I do 50% or less than I would have done around the house. I told him that, but apparently that wasn't good enough for him to suggest a number or even say what I said in his report.

    I keep kicking myself over the fact that I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I hurt! I don't always do that well with rheumy, but he seems to know. Because this is a pain doc who obviously sees patients in much more pain, I felt stupid about saying that I had pain! Even when he asked if I was scared because I was shaking and I just said no. I should have said yes, it hurt when you kept your stethoscope pressed between the sides of my collarbone! DUMB DUMB DUMB. Instead, he thinks I am a basket case and made me out that way with rheumy.

    Some days I just have a harder time communicating pain. Wouldn't you think a pain doc would be able to sense things? Rheumy seems to, but this doc didn't seem to have a clue. I don't think I did my part, but I don't think he did his part, either.
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    Thank you so much. It helps to know others have been through the same thing, and it wasn't just me being the stupidest patient around. I just hate rheumy getting that report, except for possibly following up on the fact that it could be Chiari I instead of FM. Amy, that was a truly empathetic and encouraging reply that made me tear up a little.

    Lu, no I won't be going back to the pain doc! We didn't click, and it took me 1 1/2 hours to get there from work, anyway. I live around Federal Way and work near Tacoma, so Lynnwood isn't convenient! Anyway, maybe it is from doing osteo manipulations, but he was just too rough in his exam, even if we could relate better personally.

    Where is your acupuncturist? He took away ALL your pain? I have given fleeting thoughts to trying it, but haven't seriously pursued it yet. As usual, it is finding one who truly is familiar with this stuff and is really in tune with what is needed. I imagine some of them do it kind of by rote.

    I would like to keep in touch about this stuff! Are you in Seattle proper? I will have to see if you filled out a bio, but what are your dx? There isn't private site e-mail here, is there?

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    I am so sorry you have to go through that. My experience is that rheumatologists have helped me more than anyone.
    My first one was 'just OK' so I moved onto someone much more educated in FM/CFS. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. I can even call his office with a question and the girls at the desk do not call back. He does, after hours, early in the evening. I am so thankful for this rheumatologist who has made my life so much easier.
    I never had luck with pain experts. I got blown off so much I started to call their offices to complain and to say why I would not return. I hope your situation works out.

  4. Musica

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    Fortunately, I guess this was a one-shot evaluation, so I won't be going back to that pain doc. I wouldn't, anyway, I don't think. Well, if rheumy wanted me to try again I probably would to see if things were different. The pain doc is so far away from work, though, it is a good excuse not to go to him for regular pain management. Are a lot of them like that? Why are they pain docs if they can't relate to ALL pain patients!

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    thing with a new dr. Im always nervous and I talk and kid around and then they dont think Im as sick as I am. Ive stopped doing that. I dont smile alot and I tell them how much pain Im in.

    Didnt he give you a paper to fill out in the waiting room that ask your pain level etc? Well, being a pain dr. I think he should or he isnt used to handling those of us who live in constant pain.

    Im sorry this happened to you


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