Pain Doctor is in trouble for susposed suxual abuse of patients

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    I wrote about this yesterday, but I wanted to clear up some things and to make you aware of what is happening to the pain clincs in the US.

    My Pain Dcotor is a respected doctor and husband and does community service. Accrurding to the paper he toughed two female patients inapproatitly. I find this so hard to belive. AS I have been treated by him for three years in in that time never once has he been anything but professional with me.

    HE checks with me about how my pain meds are working, if there is any new pain, how my family is reacting to my being on pain meds as it is a big stressor for me. We don't discuss things that don't have something to do with my pain issuse 's , except for him telling me that I need to get out and do things that I enjoy and that will help my mood and general feeling about life.

    HE is very big on following the instructions . To see him you have to fill out a paper asking you about your medical history, any surgeries, all pain issues,when you haev filled that out you are requried to read the office policies, which are You will be seen for your pain management by 1 doctor, you will go to 1 pharmacy. When given pain meds you can only get enough for 30 days, if you are found out that you have broken any of the above issuse you will recevie a letter from him telling you that you have 30 days to find a new pain doctor and he will only treat you during the 30 days and that is all.

    If when you see him and in his asking you about your pain issue's you change the amount of pain and the area's of pain each month HE will question you on this, every month your pain should not move to other spots with out an injury every few weeks or days, I have had pain in teh same regions of my body for the entire time I have been seeing this doctor except for when I have injured my self or had surgery.

    I Know when I see him I have to fill out a place one the forms that tells& show where my pain is now. And I make the little x's on the area's that are hurting and in the 3 years they have stayed the same except for some injuries. I don't have wandering pain s that one month my back hurts or another my legs hurt and one time I just hurt all over. things like that make him question if you are really in pain and if you just want pain meds.

    Most of us don't have pain that changes every month. It is usually in the same place but it does not change all the time. I have had to get MRI's to make sure just where my problems in my back are, and what is wrong with my knee's, the problmes with my wrist that I shattered, everything that can be dodcucmented is. those that can't he watches like the fibro and the chronic meyofacitis. I am asked about how I sleep and how many hours i sleep. I get questioned about my general feeling. All this helps him to know if what he is treating me for is right and if I am having more pain then it needs to be looked at and found out why.

    But I have always had him treat me with the up most respect. He does not touch me with out a reason, He will ask me if it is all right to touch a sore spot and if I am alone he will call in a nurse to be there. I have resreached his practice of what happens doing a treatment like a facet injection and I found out that the doctor has 2 nurse;s in the room before he gives you any sedatation and they stay there during the whole procudure and don't leave till the patient is assisted out to the car and driven home by family or freinds, and during this procedure
    the nurse's make sure that the least amount of skin is shown as is possiable and the patients are drapped to cover anything else. As soon as the treatment if over and the meds are reversed he the doctor will leave the room and will check on the patient after they are dressed to make sure that there are no reactions but the nurse's are still there in the room till that patient is gone.

    But I reserched him and asked questions about him before i eveer started to see him. I called the AMA and the othere doctors about him and I checked all the palace sthat i could about him and what his training was and how he was liked and how he treated his patients. As I live in a small town of 80,000 peeople we only have 1 pain doctor.

    MOst of the doctors feel that pain treatment is just pill pushing and that no one should be treated with a narcotic for long periods of time. And they will tell you this your self if you are having headaches and don't have a tumor or something big your not going to get any thing narcotic for your pain and if you do get something say a script of Lortab 7.5 and 30 pills take 1-2 every 4-6 hours it really means that this script had better last you at least a month and you should only have to take one pill to cure the head ache.

    I know this because they told me this when I shattered my wrist. The orthopedic that saw me after i had the bones set and I was swelling up . I went to the ER and had the splint ripped off my arm with enough force that it dislocatate the bones again and it was so pain full . HE did order the nurse to give me a does of morphine of 60 mgs and that was it.

    When I was still in pain he had her give me one more but said that, If I was is patient I would not be given more than a LOrtab 7.5 and then not for more than 5 days. When I had the surgery to fix the sahttered left wrist it was worse than my ortho thought it was going to be so I have a titquim plate and 6 screws in the wrist and he made sure that I had enough pain control for the stay in the hosptial and I was impressed with him for this as most doctors here shy away from treating your pain enough .

    I don't want to be preachy and get in to a huge dissuscion about the treatment of pain doctors but you should all check out what is going on in this country with all the pain clinic and pain doctors. Why are so many being charged with over treating there patients, why are they being sued more andmore and theier reputataions are being ruined becase some patient did not get the drugs taht he/ she wanted to have? Please run a search on the pain doctors that are being sued. IF we don't send letters to our crongress men and women they will and are passing bills aboaut the treatment of chronic pain and the meds that can be used for this.

    IT has been didscussed in congress about the usuage of narcotics in pain patients and that only patients that have a incurable diease can have treatment with narcoitc pain meds. And they want to decide what diease is incureable and what is not? So when you try to get hlep from your doctor and you can't recive the help you need it is becuase someone else has thought that chronic pain is not a REAL REASON to give narcotics to the patients. What will you do or what will I do then.?

    So if you will please check out differnt sites and find out what is happening with the pain doctors and their ablily to use narcotics in there treatment plans. I pesonally don't want congress telling me that my osteoarthritis, degenerative disc diease, buldging disc's,fibromyaligia, meyofacitis are not to be treated with narcotics as they don't feel that it is the right treatment for long term Chronic Pain Control. I want to have the right to have a doctor tell me what is best for my treatment and what will work the best for me.

    Sorry for being so long but this is something that is going on all over the united states. And we who are the ones who are suffering are the ones who have much to lose.
    Just something to think about.
    HUgs to all,

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