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    Today I sat and listened to the DA tell us that this sweet 4 time offender for perscription fraud was a victim of a pain doctor , who treated her to have his way with her.

    Yet she has violated her probabaion 3 times now and as she is in drug court she should be in prison for those violations. But instead she is still running around free as a bird because The DA Dislikes doctors who prescribe more than the physisions{SP} Desk Reference states as the recomended dosage of all opiates.

    He has NO medical trainning or did he have a witness that believes as he does. So Because this lady that is not the right word for her. Well she got a get oooout of prison free card for letting the police tell her what had happened to her in the doctors office.

    IN the DA's quesioning of her he read her statement and the question of thie officer, never once in the interview did the officer ask her to tell in her own words what had happened to her and let her tell him about it. Instead he told her want to say and how to word every thing.

    I was in court today for the closing statements and the case went to the jury aabout 3 pm and came back at about 8 pm

    Not guilty to the count 1 second degree feloney sexaul assult Guilty of count 1 a class B mistomeanor sexaul assult. Not guilty of count 2 second degree feloney sexual assult and not guilty of the lessor charge of a class B mistomeannnor.

    While this is a good thing it is also bad. AS now I don't have a pain doctor as he said that because of this charge he feels that the DA will now keep try ing to make him look like he is sexual assulting the drug addicts that are in drug court and have happened to have seen him as a doctor 4 years ago. or more. And that is true this DA thinks that pain doctors over prescribe opiates to their paitents.

    As they prescribe far more than a regualar MD would prescribe. He used the PDR as his proffesinal medical witness and used the amounts of the suggested doses in the PDR to make it look like the doctor was over prescribing pain meds. AS he does not follow it .

    TAlk about a crock. and a crook this DA wants to get rid of all doctors who prescribe more narocitcs that he and his family {Two MDs and 2 lawyers} feel is nessary to give to a chronic pain patient.

    We were even told that if we went to the ER and told the doctors that we were being treated by a pain doctor and got a script from the doctors there that we were doctor shopping and had commited perscription fraud. EVEn when we have told our pain doctor that we had been given a script for a narcoitc .

    I first thought that this was a good verdict as there is not jail time and as it is his first offense he would be on probation. But the DA made it clear that he is going to keep looking for female patients who have been in drug court to come forward and tell that they have been gropped by the doctor.

    And we as patients only go to the doctor to get our scripts and then sell the meds for profit.
    It was after the verdict was read that my doctor stated that he would no longer practice medisine {SP} as he could not do the job correctly with the DA constantly getting people to say that they were touched inapptroatly{SP}

    I would go into details about this but it is to out there as who is going to belivie that a police departmentw would stoop so low as to find painn patients from this doctor who happen to be in legal trouble for prescrition fraud and do just about every thing to get them to say just what they wanted them to say including telling them that there were other victims even when there were not.

    So I have learned that this DA is willing to let the people of this town suffer because he belives that he knows more than a specialist in pain managemet does. But then he has a PDA and knows what it states as to how much of a opiate a patient should be giiven. RIGHT.
    It is such a crock I could think that he would have called a doctor to make his claim believeable but no way.

    So I have found a different doctor but I still feel bad for my pain doctor as I know that he didn't do any thing wrong. The woman was pissed off because she was dismissed from his care for not following the rules that she agreeed and had signed her name that she would follow. So in turn she found a way to get back at him.

    I am so stressed about this and I don't understand why he has it in for all pain doctors and the patients. I follow the instructions to the letter but accounding to the cop because I have had surgery and was giving opiates in the hospital by another Md I am guilty of perscriiption fraud.

    EVEn though I told my surgeon and my pain doctor. But that is how this officer feels. SO any of the doctors patients could find them selves being called in to the police station for questioning about our so called "DRug addiction."

    I am so tired adn hurting and I can't sleep or even relax. How and why do people feel that because we are taking more pain meds than "THEY" are comfortable with, they feel that we all are drug addicts and sell our meds. IF that were the case we all would be rich.

    But none of us sell our meds we need them to help us be more normal.
    Well I am going to try to get some rest.
    I hope that i have not offended any one as this is what happened to day in court and I just needed to vent about this. I don't want to upset anyone and hope I have not done do.
    Thanks for your time,
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    I have a very LONG story on what happened in our city with two pain specialists. Since I was a patient of one of the ones testifying on behalf of the other, the DEA seized ALL of her patient's pharmacy records. No one was required to tell me this. I found out on my own and then when I asked about it, it wasn't denied. I really did feel that "invasion of privacy" when it happened.

    Sigh. The whole thing was such a saga, and the doctors and patients are the ones who lose. If the DEA is going to go after all of them, you'd think they would find the true bad apples along the way, but you never hear of that. If you do any research on pain docs, it is truly criminal what is happening to them. And like one post said, the real criminals only get a slap and then go right back to their dealer ways, to the harm of our kids.

    The whole experience for me would take pages to write down and I don't want to depress anyone. But I certainly had my eyes opened.

    Many blessings upon the good, compassionate doctors, and may they be protected, along with their patients...

  3. LittleBluestem

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    The criminals and ‘bad apples’ take care to reduce their chances of getting caught and know how the ‘work’ the (so called) justice system when they do get caught. It’s a good thing that I am a Christian or I would wish some pretty nasty things on those 2 lawyers and 2 MDs.

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