pain doctors what are the pros' and cons??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wildflowers2, May 4, 2006.

  1. wildflowers2

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    The shrink thinks he wasnt to send me to a pain management center. Personally I dont see the point. I have my cfs/fm specialist, my reg,GP, him who basicly is useless to me.

    plus the other band of merry men of Doctors the go with this stuff.

    It seems all I do is go to dr's.

  2. ThinkPostive

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    pros and cons so

  3. srh

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    I'm sure there are a lot of good ones out there. But my experince with one was terrible.

    He basically told me I was depressed and needed ad's, not pain medication. Laughed at me when I told him ad's were hard to get off of also and wanted to know why I would want to.

    He also gave me the date rape drug, Ketamine, which helps alot of ppl in England, where is more available. It kept me awake most of the night instead of helping me sleep.

    Anyway, like I said, I'm sure there are good ones that know a lot about FM.

    Good luck. Hugs..........
  4. cajunv2001

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    i live in Louisiana and love my pain managment doctor,oi get regular site injections,he finds all the tender spots,and injects them with medication that really helps,plus he really understands fibro, and the pain that comes with it,plus i have never had to beg for pain meds, they don't call them pain managment doctors for nothing,keep trying,good ones are out there.
    God Bless!