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    I saw a Pain Dr. for the first time today, and I'm not Happy. He wants to put me on the Patch, 25mg, and have me quit taking the Vicodin's. I'm happy on my Vicodin's, I can move around on my Vicodins.
    If I want to go somewhere, like this past weekend, I can Reduce my Pain dosage, to 1/2 a Vicodin and be ok for a few Hour's.

    I don't think I can do that on this Patch, plus it say's not to Drive. I Have to be able to Drive.

    I also don't do well with adhesive's, like bandaid's, they give me a Rash, same with Elestic, it gives me welt's.
    I tell the Dr. this, and they will just think it's an Excuse.
    I also don't do well with Time-Released Med's.

    It also has a Lot of Side-Effects that I have experniced with other Pain Med's, so I'm not Looking forward to trying one.

    Why can't they just leave me alone, I know what works for me, I have been very active, in Spite of my dd. I have been able to keep the House Clean, visit Friends, and Shop.
    I don't go a lot, I do have more Bad Day's than Good one's, but at least I can live with that Trade-Off.
    Winter will be a Killer, if I have to use a Patch, I just know it won't Do what I need it to do, then what?

    The Dr. said that he "Didn't want to even Try the Injection's", because of all the other Problems I have, like maybe FMS?
    Gad's they see that and they just want to take the Easy way out, they don't have any answer's, and yet, they won't Believe you about what Does work for you.

    Luckly, I see my Favortie and most Trustworthy Doc. on Thurs. I'm going to Talk to him about this Mess, and see what He thinks. He's been treating me for 7 year's and I have Improved so much, thanks to him.

    Now these other Dr.s (HMO), want to Undo everything.

    This new Dr. even gave me a Rx for Elivil, I told him, nope you just Keep that, I have already been Down that Road, and none of thoes have helped. SO he just tore it up, but I could tell he wasn't Happy about it.

    Well Thanks for letting me Vent.
    If you have tried this, and it helped let me know, Thanks
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    I have been on the patch for about one year. It is not as effective all the time as it was to start with but I sort of save it for the times that I will need it most. It has helped and I have not experienced any measureable side effects. It's worth a try.
  3. kredca4

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    for replying to me. I have a question, you said that you save it for when you need it? I thought that they are to be worn 24/7, and changed every 3 day's.

    Does the Patch work fast enough to just wear as you need, and not all the time? I would like it if that was the case, stay on my Vicodin's, since they help me with my daily Pain, I feel I only need something for the "Break Through Pain".

    If this Doctor has his way, I would only be on the Patch, what about, the day's when my Pain level goes up?

    Shoot, I see my Orthopedic Dr. tomorrow, so I'll wait and talk this over with him.

    I am also concerned, if the Visrtil and the Soma, will still be alright to take without any Problem's.
    Dr. said, yes I could, but with the FMS, you never know.

    Thanks again for answering me, Hope you are having a Painfree day. What type of Pain do you use the Patch for?
    FMS, CMPD or both,? Do you have other problem's like Spinal Stenoisis and Denegerative Disc disease, so that's why they want to put me on the Patch.

  4. kalina

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    I was on the the Duragesic 25mcg patch, not for fibro pain, but for intractible headaches and migraines. For what it's worth, it did help me, but like all opiods you will likely build up a tolerance to it eventually. I also had a prescription for breakthrough pain medication in addition to the Duragesic. I'm not sure why your doc wants you off the Vicodin, but there's really no reason you shouldn't be without a backup. You could ask your doc if he would still prescribe the Vicodin so you could have that for the worst days. If he could give you the Vicodin (or another med) for breakthrough pain, the Duragesic could work well for you to keep your overall pain level to a minimum.

    Another possibility for you: I was talking to my neurologist yesterday, and he mentioned the fentanyl lollipop as a possible breakthrough pain med (fentanyl is also what is in the Duragesic patch). My doc said the drawback is that the lollipops are only available in boxes of 30, and they're expensive. This may not be an issue for you if your insurance will pay for it.

    If I remember correctly, Duragesic takes about 2 days to kick in after applying the first patch, so you wouldn't be able to use it on an as-needed basis, unless you are willing to wait a couple of days for relief. :)

    Oh, and you CAN drive while using Duragesic -- caution is advised until you are adjusted to the medication. You may feel a bit woozy for a few days, but that will pass.

  5. jmaxjmax

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    I,ve been on the patch since april. I thinks the best Ive been on so far. I dont have any of the side effects, I drive without a problem and it has worked wonders for me. I do also take oxycodone for the breakthrough pain. I use it for fms. Without it I would not be able to walk. I've found it takes about two hours to kick in at full strength, so its not a good as needed. I wear mine all the time without problem.
    Vicodin didnt help me all that much. I've also tried many other pain meds including morphine. Well just me 2 cents, the patch has saved my life.
    :) Max
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  6. lightspirit

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    Dear Sharon,
    The patch is very strong narcotic pain relief, about the best thing you can get. I understand why you want the short acting having been down this path myself.

    As the previous writer said, you might be able to use the patch and have breakthrough pain meds BUT to be completely honest with you, you need to be honest with yourself about your need for them. I think you know what I mean.

    I use my short acting pain meds, to get through my day.
    I plan everything around them.

    I have been on slow release and the truth is, I want the 'blast' of extra energy the quick release give me BUT I also know the slow release is better for my body. I have also become tolerant and so I have to make sure I control the dose and do not have more than I really need.

    Is this how you feel? I know I am dependent upon my meds, maybe you too are afraid of being without them. When we always make sure we have them with us at all times, we are dependent.

    I find it helps me to admit my dependency. Because, I am not a 'drug addict' I am a person with chronic pain, and these medications were made for people like me. They give me the opportunity to cope with life in pain.

    Try the patch and give it a go. You are really lucky to have it offerred to you, many want it and cannot get it.
    You can always go back if you don't like it and yes, it works 24/7 and is replaced every three days.

    Good luck friend
  7. kredca4

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    With FMS/CMPD, you can get into a Comfort Zone and then when you feel it's being taken away, it makes you, or at least me, very Nervous. I do so well with my Med's and daily Routine that I'm afarid to up set the apple cart.

    I see my Orthopedic Dr. today, and we will have a talk about this, I do Plan on keeping my Vicodin's, as stand by's in case this Patch thing dosen't work.
    I'll probably, be Brave, lol, and try it later today, that way if there is a bad reaction to it, the Hubby will be around.

    Hey is this Judith lightspirt? I remember you being here before if it is. Nice to see you or rather, Talk to you,
    Thanks for the reply, yes I do Depend on the Vicodin's. I told this PD that they had given me my Life back, so he is aware that I would perfeer to stay on them, but yet, I don't always get the relief I use to get.

    Thanks Max and Kalina, guess I just have to Suck it up and try it. I just Hate new thing's. ;o)
    But if it means that I can go with the Hubby boating and such, and stay out longer, then I guess it could be a good thing.


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  8. jrsinc

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    I did get some pain relief from the patch and was still able to drive. But, each of us is different. My main concern for you is an allergic reaction to this patch since you're already sensitive to tapes.

    I had a bad reaction to the Duragestic patch. Hives all over my body after the 3rd patch. Remove it immediately and wash the area really well. Call your doc immediately after you've done this.

    Many of us are really sensitive to meds, so always be on guard. My list of med allergies keeps growing - be sure to keep track.

    Very concerned.....
  9. Rain122865

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    my Dr. insisted and argued with me to use the patch, he wanted me to have long term pain relief in my system instead of taking all of the pills I use on a daily basis. I finally agreed (I was not winning the argument) but after getting the patch and reading all the warnings I took it off after only 1 hour, for instance you can not use the patch if you sleep in a heated waterbed (I have one), you have to remove it immediatley if you run a fever over a certain temp ( I run alot of fevers too) big warning about if it comes off and gets on another person (like my husband if it comes off in the middle of the night) that they need to seek medical attention right away, plus my cat and dog sleep with us I don't even want to think what it would do to them. The kicker for me was that there is no way to wean yourself off of the patch you have to go cold turkey , you can't cut a patch in half like you do pills. After telling my Dr. all of these things and more arguing he agreed to put me on ms contin with vicodin for break thru pain. Has worked really well EXCEPT all I wanted to do was sleep. We have now gotten it to 1 slow relaease ms contin at bedtime for all night releif and vicoden 3 times a day. It seems to work well and now that I am taking the morphine it is not as scary as I once thought. The patch just scared me too much to use or try and had me so stressed out that it was making me worse just thinking about it. If you are not comfortable with something I dont think it will work for you. I too am allergic to alot of different meds and adhesive's. If you feel strongly about it and it is just a matter of them wanting you to have long lasting time release meds asked to try the ms contin instead, same long lasting affect but not as scary in my book.
  10. Dara

    Dara New Member

    patch and I take Vicodin for break thru pain. The patch has really worked well for me. I am not pain free, but I really don't think anything is ever going to make me pain free. As an example, I had a day surgery yesterday and this morning when I woke up I didn't even have to take any vicodin. So, the patch is working. However, I think I'm ready to up the dose to 50 but I haven't talked to my doc about this yet.

    I also am allergic to certain adhesives. The only place I can use the patch without breaking out from it is on the upper outside arms. I don't know why that area isn't as sensitive as others.

    I take the patch and vicodin for chronic pain from FM, arthritis, bulging disc, carpul tunnel, ulnar nerve entrapment, and all over pain.

    I have also tried the Elavil. It was terrible for me. I was a walking zombie during the daytime. Also, driving has not been a problem with the patch at all. Ithink the first two days I was on it I was sleepy, but after that I've had no side affects. At least with the patch, there is no damage to your liver like there can be with the Vicodin.

  11. MtnDews

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    While I think we know our bodies best, sometimes it pays to really listen to your doctor. After all, that's what we pay them, not that I don't also put up a fight about some things. BUT, my doctor is a good doctor and usually right. We had a heck of a discussion about the patch (she for and me against). She won, thankfully. I'm able to do a bit more than I was without it. I'm more mobile with it, which can only be good for my muscles, and I don't have to keep watching the clock and remembering when I took my last pill. Once in a while, I do have to take something for breakthough pain, but this is much nicer. Pain is still with me from FM and EDS and disc problems, but it is more bearable now. Addiction was my fear, but with these DD, apparently I will always have pain, so it's very different than taking a drug for recreation.

    My skin doesn't particularly like the adhesive, but if I always put the patch in a different place, I'm okay. I have to use an oil mascara remover to get all the glue off when I take one off. The rash disappears after a little while. During the summer if I got too hot, that was bad, but I'm always too cold.

    I still use the heating pad daily, but I never sleep on my stomach, so the heating pad is on my backside (one of those that turn off after 20 mins). The cats sleep with us as well and I've never had a problem with a patch getting off of me and getting on them or my husband. If I find that a patch isn't sticking well, I add extra tape (the waterproof kind for sensitive skin).

    The worst part about the patch was getting used to it. I'm very sensitive to medications, like most of us here, and I was actually throwing up for the first day or so. I called the Dr who told me to try and stick it out for another 24 hours to let my body adjust. Adjust it did. Life is better now, not great, but anything is an improvement. So, I am trying to LISTEN more to my doctor...and I think she's figured out that ideas have to settle with me a while before I jump can into them. It takes a while to build up trust on both the patient and the doctors viewpoints.

    Sorry to ramble so long. Hope this helped.
  12. smoke

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    I have been on the Duragesic Patch for 6-8 months and I think everyone with this DD should try them. I am so very pleased with them, I do not have any side effects from them, and I feel really good (as good as we can) with them. I started with the 25mcg and it did not do much, went to 50mcg and it made a tremendous difference and I thought this was the one I needed. The next time I went to the Doc he said it looked like I was still taking several other pain meds so he upped it to the 75mcg. I kept thinking that I would not feel better than this, I still took some pain meds. The doc put me on the 100mcg and I take very little other pain meds, I have oxycontin, and percoset for the breakthrough pain. Normally the only time I have to take these is half way through the 2 day I have had the patch on. You change it every 3 days, and 2 1/2 days you will begin hurting, I have put heat on the patch after that and it does seem to get more medicine into you (Drs recomended this). I also need pain meds sometimes on the third day until the pain patch has taken effect really good. If I overdo the work/exercise on any day I usually need pain meds that evening and the next day. If a person will stay within their boundries of work/exercise I do not think you would need the other pain meds. As you can tell I am very pleased with the Duragesic Pain Patch and I would like for everyone that is in pain to try these.

    Thanks and good luck,
  13. kredca4

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    I talked to my Orthopedic Doc. and he said that I should at least Try it, but also to keep the Vicodins handy. The Pain Dr. said he dosen't like to Mix Drug's, and for me to not take the Vicodin's anymore. Well if the Pain is Bad enough I will.

    I wrote a Letter of my Concern's and Feeling's about this Step in my Pain Managment, and I also printed out this Thread, you have all been so Helpful, and I will try it.
    The Pharmacy had to Order it, they don't keep it on hand, I guess.
    I also will mark out your names on the papge's, the Dr. just need's to see what other's say about the Patch, and how it varies with Us, on how Helpful it is.

    I will stay Hopeful, what else can I do, ;o)
  14. toots2

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    I certainly understand where you are coming from. I take lortab and while it does not take care of the pain all the time, nor do I expect to be out of pain all the time, it helps me enough to get going. I have thought of going on the patch, my pain specialist would do it, but I feel I have a lot of years left to deal with the fibro and want to have something to take that will work when I get older. Because pain medications, including the patch, lose their effectiveness over time, I will stay with the lortab as long as I can. If the fibro continues to worsen over the years like it has, at least I will have something left to take (like the patch) for when I am older and need it the most. Toots
  15. MtnDews

    MtnDews New Member

    The patch comes in different mgs too. Good to start out slow and increase if you need to do so. Good luck!