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    I am new to this, I have not been sleeping well for the past two or three months. I wake up with so much pain in my hips that I have to get out of bed. I also have been getting a lot of leg cramps too. I am not on any meds other than Zoloft and nortriptylene, and an occasional lorazepam for sleeping. I also should tell you that I have thyroid cancer, diagnosed in 2004, I had my thyroid removed and I am on synthroid 150 mg. I have an appointment with my rheumatologist the 31st. But I need to get some sleep, I can't nap during the day, as I care for my husband who is in a wheelchair, has emphysema and also is an alcoholic. No time for me to be sick I guess!! I do walk my dogs a mile in the morning and again in the afternoon, so I think I am getting enough exercise.
    I guess I just want to know if anyone else wakes up during the night in severe pain???
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    I'd suggest having T3 levels checked. You may not be converting the Synthroid (T4 hormone) into the much needed T3 hormone. A T3 med called "Cytomel" is the only one on the market. I take Synthroid & Cytomel. Some take Armour, but many docs refuse to rx it for you. Lack of enough T3 hormone can cause all kinds of symptoms.

    Also you should be taking calcium/magnesium. It shouldn't be taken within 2 hours of taking thyroid meds, so you have to space it out.

    Zoloft did noting for me, but give me a ton of side effects.

    Some meds can actually cause muscle cramps too. Could be one of the ones you're taking is adding to this.
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    Hi there

    i had a spell of excruiating pain in my spine and hips and could nt sleep hardly at all. Try quinine bi sulphate for the cramp and legs as this has totally stopped those for me,its brill. The oly other way i have been able to resume sleep is i had an occupational therapist assess my home for aids and adaptations and they provided helpful things for om ad around y bed also in my bathroom to help with the daily struggle we have to be independant snd pain free.
    My doctor prescribed strong pain killers and morphine sulphate tablets for use at night time and i am sleeping very well at the moment with just the occasional lapse into a disturbed and painful night,which is not very often.
    the quinine really does help with the legs and crampthough.
    hope this helped a little xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx