Pain / fatigue worse after eating and severe during MC

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    Hi everyone !

    I have been suffreing from CFS for over 2 years now. I noticed the pain (burning and tingling type) is much worse after meals. At times I am so exhausted i have to lie down. I have done all kinds of diets, GF free, anti allergens and even went as far as doing a Blood test for secondary allergies. the results were a list of 24 items that i could not eat anymore. Even this diet did not improve the onslaught of pain + fatigue following meals.

    Also another thing I noticed is a few days prior to Menstrual cycle (MC) the pain is severe. pretty much the entire body shuts down. This continues into the fist few days of the MC and then gradually lets up. Again I notice the severity comming on in the middle of each cycle.

    I have been logging my bad and better days and noticed this pattern related to MC. Has anyone out there had similar issues ??? If so, Please reply.....thanks !!!

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    I suspect you will get a lot of responses from people who can relate to your post. And I'm guessing they will be able to share many helpful hints on gastrointestinal health, etc.

    I'm going to keep my post simple and just mention that one of the first supplements that benefited me tremendously was digestive enzymes. It helped me with much of what you described, and also significantly improved my cognitive function.

    I currently take Zypan by Standard Process. I'm guessing most people will need to experiment to find a product that works well for them.


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