Pain, Flares and Air Conditioning Anyone Else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suz41, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. suz41

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    Hi Everyone:

    Wanted to see if any of you are affected by airconditioning?
    I have noticed that when it is very hot like today and I reluctantly put on the A/C, I have had more problems with aches and pains. I am currently in the middle of a flare though it does seem to be improving. I have noticed that when I go in and out of buildings particularly buildings that have the AC on FREEZE and go into the heat it aonly aggravates the pain in my lower back and hips. I keep my AC at 76-77 degrees at home with the fans circulating otherwise if I drop below 74 I'm really uncomfortable. Can anyone else relate to this? My family is a bit crazy because once the temparature drpos into the seventies unless it is very humid I just feel the need to turn off the AC.

  2. angelheart

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    I have the same reaction to the AC. We have had some hot days here, but have yet to turn it on this year. It is just me and my husband and bless his heart he never complains. He knows I don't like it. I also work in an office and can't really adjust the AC in here, so I dress like it is winter when I come into work. People look at me like I am nuts (well I am sorta, LOL), but at least I am comfortable. Then when I walk to my car after work I shed some of the layers...... Glad I am not alone on this one.

    Angel Blessings~
  3. Shirl

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    You would not like to come to my home! The a/c stays at 69-70 degrees year round. I do dress in layers, a tight fitting Tee shirt and a longsleeve shirt on me, or near me at all times.

    I also carry a light jacket when shopping, some stores are way too cold, so I do keep the jacket on my shoulders.

    I cannot handle the heat and humidity. I live in Louisiana and its more hot and humid then anything thing else.

    Winters are short, very short. I never turned the central heat on in the 9 years I have been living here. If it gets a little cold in the winter, I use the fireplace.

    Everyone that comes here are looking for a sweater when they walk in the door!

    I think I must have had an ancestor that was an Eskimo, thats what my daughter tells me.

    I also get those nightsweats, wake up and the first thing I do is go check the thermostat, I am so hot that I think the a/c went out and I am in 100 degrees house.

    Sorry, I am the opposite with heat and cold. I love the cold not the heat.

    Shalom, Shirl

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  4. suz41

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    Thanks for the input all, actually I like winter or fall better maybe its the humidity thing because in the winter I actually keep my thermostat at 68-69 tops. Iwill try the Glucosamine cream, I already take 1500mg of Glucosamine a day and that has been very helpful for the most part its just these darned flares dive me crazy, and beleive me in my profession I know what carazy is. Thank you everyone.

    Suzanne (Suz)
  5. Patti2

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    I live in Cleveland and our summer finally started! Came in full force. I do think that my aches and pains are not quit as sever. Maybe I just am haveing a good couple of weeks, I could live with this and not complain. I also wear long sleeves and layers. A winter sweater is in my drawer by my desk. You do what we need to. I do sometimes think everyone thinks I am nuts, I always have a jacket or sweater with me no matter where I go! Maybe I am just a freeze baby.
    Stay warm.
  6. beckster

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    Hello, Suz. Yeah, AC makes me flare. But so does heat. Actually either cooled air or heated air coming out of a duct and blowing aggrevates me, flares up my symptoms.
    Nah, just make that any moving air, heated or cooled or not, makes me miserable. EVEN (if you can believe it) a breezy day, or worse, windy day, bothers me, even if I stay indoors (almost too ludicrous to even write down)! I have a lot harder time being able to THINK on a windy day. Its a rotten feeling, like pre-Alzheimers or something, rattling around the house trying to remember what it is that I am doing. AND, to top it off, I also have about a 2 degree temperature range of comfort, even though I dress in layers as best I can. I cant stand it cold (because of AC or otherwise), get stiff and achy and annoyed, but cant stand it hot, either, seem to then "fade." Yes, we drive other people around us nuts. And we can't even be around each OTHER. One friend of mine can't be in my house when I have my swamp cooler on (I prefer it to AC). I can't stand it for long in another friends house because she has to much AC and blowing air and fans. One friend wants to sit outside but there is so much dust and particulates (usually) and if it is too warm I do that "fade" thing. Hmmmmm.

    I have found what works best. Its best if I don't need heating or cooling. If I do, then heating without ducts (for example baseboard heat) or cooling without ducts (say a room air conditioner rather than central air) is best.
    If ducts and/or moving air is involved, keep it LOW and away from where I sit. ETc etc etc.
  7. Mar19

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    A/C hurts me so much! I prefer the heat anytime, the cooled air kills me. You know, I really love this board. I've lived with all these "quirky" symptoms for so long, thinking I was the only one. It's good to have a support group.

    I feel bad, the only A/C unit we have is in our computer room, dh can't take the heat. I'm always turning the unit off because it makes me so miserable. When he's at work I keep it off and open the windows for fresh air. Maybe a cool front will move in soon, so he and I can stop playing 'musical thermostats'. hehehe

    Love and blessings
  8. j9miller

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    I live in Miami, FL and NEED the AC. It gets so hot and humid here that I feel worse w/o the AC. In fact today it was so hot the AC just could not get the house cooler than 72 and I thought I was going to die. Of course, I have a sinus infection, I am heading into a flare and theres the pain meds but I prefer the cold over the heat. I do like the ocean breeze when I can get one though. ;)

  9. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    I love my AC, I worship my AC...I would be lost without it. I feel miserable in the heat and humidity. The AC is my pain here.

    Marilyn :)
  10. lmn

    lmn New Member

    I feel crappy when it's hot/humid...I feel dizzy and sick to my stomach. On the other hand, I feel crappy when it's really cold. The AC gives me a headache if it's too cold, and fans drive me nuts, especially if they blow right on me.
    I prefer fresh air, cool or warm. Now, to find the perfect place...........
    Take care,
  11. klarry

    klarry New Member

    The DC area was actually originally a swamp - hence we are victims of high humidity much of the summer. For this reason I find AC essential. I do not cope well with direct air blowing on me, either AC or a fan. That is a no no. And I also find that I must keep the house about 78 degrees. Any lower makes me much stiffer than usual. I also think that with the AC on there is less dust and allergens in the house. This seems to help over all.
  12. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    I am like Shirl. I love the AC on, I would be miserable w/o it! I have the lovely night sweats and hate to think what I would feel like w/o AC. My family complains about how cold it is and I tell them, you can add more clothes but I don't think you want to see me take mine off! LOL


  13. rutters

    rutters New Member

    I have the same problem, I can't stand the cold it bothers me and I get in where my joints ache especially my neck. The AC does the same thing , I feel bad when I've been in the airconditioning for to long. Unfortiunately I work in air condtioning. So i feel bad when i come home from work.
    Thanks rutters
  14. sumbuni

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    Thanks...I thought maybe I was losing my mind! Beckster hit it right on the head! I am cold and hot intolerant...started out just couldn't stand cold air blowing on me, could stand the cold, just not the movement of the cold air. Now i am comfortable at temps of around 74 to 78. Sometimes I'm freezing at 78 degrees though.

    At least I know that if I'm weird I'm not alone! (smile)
  15. trasestry

    trasestry New Member

    I have noticed that when the weather is a nice warm day, no humidity, no rain in site, I feel MUCH better. I dont need as much medication for the pain. I can do more, have more energy. But, if any of that done for. I have an air conditioning units in my house..for the really hot and humid days. However I did notice that my pain acts up when Im in my car with the A/C on. My mother lives up in Maine, and for how much I love going up there. I just cant. I just hurt way way too much.

  16. gbean

    gbean New Member

    Hi all,
    This is the 1st time I've heard of folks like us being bothered by a/c and feeling better in heat.
    I live in hot and humid Texas-no winters like Louisiana-barely any spring-basically one season-summer! I sweat with the air on and just the walk from the house to the car causes constant underarm sweating.
    The heat is like a horrible brick wall of doom that makes me feel worse-the a/c is life for me.
  17. bibby

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    I can't stand the heat and humidity! Like Shirl my house always feels like walking into a refridgerator to most people. When my daughters come to visit they bring a long sleeved shirt or jacket and I'm talking during July and August. I also wake during the night and my nightgown around my neck will be soaking wet with sweat. It's the pits. Stay warm and talk to you later.