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Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by Gingareeree, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Gingareeree

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    Has anyone read this book,applied it's excercises and realize good results? I'm revisiting this book,had it for a few years.I'm excited about the prospects of healing my various issues,namely chronic foot pain and shldr/neck pain. Add to that list knee pain! This is new and a result of some new orthodics,forcing my feet into a new position,causing swelling in my left knee,also locks ,can't move it in or out of position too easily. I really want to avoid the whole Dr. route if I can,would be interested in any feedback from those who have had success with this approach.~~~Jeanne
  2. Gingareeree

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    No clinic as far as I know here in Denver,But,my daughter and son in law just moved to San Diego this past spring. I'll see how it goes with the E-cises,maybe next time out their way I can arrange a visit to the clinic.This makes perfect sense to me,and am hopeful for good results!~~Jeanne
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    yesterday,it's taking me close to an hour to work through the feet./ankles/knee,eventually work on the hips. Wow,I was kinda sore yesterday,yet already today I'm feeling a lot looser and am encouraged that if I keep @ it I may actually be pain free or close to it! By the way,I wonder how much musculoskeletel misalignment plays a role in fibro? I've always been pretty active ,until recentle,looking forward to being so again!
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    Good to know.I'll plug away with the e-cises,see how that goes. I'll look into that book as well,and at some point may need the procedure your'e have. Hope all goes well~~~Jeanne
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    Hi Jeanne,

    I currently have this book checked out from the library, and am hopeful that doing the (non-exertional) e-cises will be helpful. Have only done one so far, and am pretty impressed with the results. I was wondering if you might have an update for us on your progress, and if this worked for you longer term. --- I hope so! ;)

    Thanks, Wayne
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    Wayne, the work can be beneficial. I own the book, have done some of the work and a friend did extensive Egoscue work for years....I think she stopped, it's hugely time consuming..she was really committed for many years.

    I do a lot of stretching and work from SpineUniverse site and acupuncture helps me a lot....

    And Anatabloc and Zyflamend help the chronic inflammation. jam

    PS: And for another spine group I was directed to ART work (Active Release Technique) and found the chiro I saw off and on for years does the work, so I'm headed for my 3rd session on the messy IT band damage from hip replacement....this work is helping release the horrible tight mess of the IT band and all the damage around that area.....
  7. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Jamin,

    Nice to hear from you. Good luck with your new therapy; hopefully you can get relief from the "horrible tight mess" of yours. I got one in my right buttock at the moment, and will be happy to say adieu to it, hopefully real SOON! :)