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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Ladyhurt, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Ladyhurt

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    Has anyone actually ever been pain free , i remember when mine started i was 19 i had been in an accident 1 year before i have never been the same sometimes i wonder if i,m going to die from this pain it,s terrible i try to talk to others but the look at me like i,m crazy they say your 50 don,t look it you a beautiful woman and i don,t see any signs of pain? now what to do i,m tired of yelling and being angry to these dummies, and i,m tired of explaining myself and of being ashamed of myself because they say there is always someone worse off then you so stop whinning boy oh boy life stinks you damned if you do and damned if you don,t. I am wondering if anyone elses feels like this and do you avoid going places because of your feelings?
    Love Ladyhurt
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    Hello. Yes there are some of us that have been "cured" or are in remission. If you read Matn or Stormyskye or Mikie.

    There are others, but don't know them all. Look for the post on the most ridiculous thing the doctor has ever said to you. You will see that many of us have been abused, embarrassed, humilited, angered, and frustrated by the medical so-called professionals.

    Just read and see what you can come up with to help your situation. I would recommend acupuncture, and integrative medicine doctor in your area.

    People think because your not bleeding out of both ears, that you're not in pain.

    I wish you the best.
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    I can be pain free at times but I am never symptom free. Something is always tingling or my vision is blurred.........on and on. It is hard to have people look at you and you know they are judging you. My boss is always doing this. And yes I avoid most everything that requires social interaction.
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    i went in for shoulder surgery...the recovery nurse asked me if i wanted some morphine before i go...i was hesistant...she said sure you do...she said it will burn for bit...and it die...didn't take long to forget that burn...i got wheeled out to my car...i was feeling absolutely no pain...from head to if i could have morpiine injections everyday i would be in heaven...

    i even came home and cooked dinner that night and did dishes...the alcoholic boyfriend was too busy getting drunk in a local bar the he had to go home at his mom's house...he was 40 years old...

    and i told my mom not to come out because he said he would take care of me ...

  7. Ladyhurt

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    Just wanted to thank you all for your reponces i will surely try each and everyone.
    Just remember we have each other no matter what others want to think.
    Prays and Love Ladyhurt

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