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    I have not posted for quite a while. At present I am pain free and have been this way for quite a while now. I don't know why the pain seemed to gradually fade away as I haven't done anything different. I still have RA and get terribly tired but the muscle pain seems to have gone. I have been taking 25mg. Paxil daily since late last year and have been continuing with my monthly B12 injections. Prior to starting the Paxil I had tried many other antidepressants with none helping with sleep and pain and energy problems. I still have "down days" but these usually happen when I don't sleep well or try and do too much and become exhausted. 10 weeks ago I fell and broke three bones in my ankle. My son took me to the hospital and they couldn't believe that I wasn't in agony from pain. My ankle was hurting and was very swollen but all I needed was some panadol for the pain. I have had worse muscle and joint pain than I did with a broken ankle. I had to have screws and a plate put in my ankle but according to my specialist he can't believe the recovery I have made. I am just about back to normal. I know the FM could get worse again but I am determined to stay positive and hope its gone for good. Its winter here in Australia and here in Sydney we have had very mild weather. I am hoping the cold doesn't change the way I feel. Is there anyone else who has had a long remission from FM and how long did it last? Luv to all Mellow