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    Hi I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia 4 years ago. I have been bed ridden from time to time. i also have worked most of the 4 years of being ill. although i think i might be going through a rough patch or something. i have not gotten out of pain in the past six months. I'm constantly on pain medication and uping my doses. I have tried guaifenisen and actually kept getting bladder infections and kidney infections. I have tried elavil and recently lyrica. the lyrica had so many side effects i went off of it. The pain is getting worse and worse. moving all around all the time. who has a treatment that might work? i'm so sick of being sick and my family doesn'y believe me and i just cant handle the stress of it all. does anyone have any ideas. thank you.

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    hi carlina

    What pain meds are you on? I know that I had to switch from darovet after yrs to lortab.

    Usually with me if Im upping the meds its means a flare. Recently my labs came back with the Epstein Barr virus off the charts!
    If things have been getting worse are you doing to much? As you know stress is bad..

    Warm baths help vit d and no kidding warm milk at bedtime!
    Rest as much as possible Im paying the price of not listening to my body.

    I wish you the best on the family issuse havent figured that one yet myself!
    best of luck
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    my heart goes out to you.

    Let me ask a few questions. Do you drink caffein? Do you take bee pollen? or green tea? or black tea? food or beverages with high sugar content, esp at night? How much sleep are you getting? Do you still have menses? Do you drink or eat soy products?

    I know that's a load of questions. I have found that my intake of caffein, bee pollen, green tea and black tea increase my pain level. Sometimes I crave lemonade w/ lots
    of sugar at night (go figure) and I wake up the next day with lots of pain. If I eat energizing foods after 6pm I may not sleep too good and the pain will be greater. If I go to bed too late for several nights in a row, I suffer for it. Before my cycle, the estrogen is high and that means the pain may increase as well. Soy products increase
    estrogen in the body and this can increase pain esp at menstral time.

    I take 50mg elavil and 30mg topamax. So far it's working pretty good for me. I had to stop drinking soy milk and I read food labels because many products have soy in them nowadays. Soy affects my fatigue and pain level. I also take epsom salt baths in very warm water. Some people can not tolerate heat and if that is the case with you, you can
    take cool baths with epsom salts. The epsom salts are full
    of magnesium. Magnesium nourishes the nervous system which decreases the pain.

    Well that's enuff info ain't it? Hope you feel better soon.

    ((((lots of hugs))))