Pain has an element of blank

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    I haven’t seen any poetry on the site for a while, so I thought I would post this.


    Pain has an element of blank;
    It cannot recollect
    When it began, or if there were
    A day when it was not.

    It has no future but itself,
    its infinite realms contain
    Its past, enlightened to perceive
    New periods of pain.

    ~ Emily Dickinson

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    Thanks for posting something from the Belle of Amherst. Haven't seen that one before. But then, ED was so prolific I haven't seen most of her poems.

    Here's a kawinkydink for ya. I am reading a historical novel called Clara and Mr
    Tiffany by Susan Vreeland. Mr Tiffany is Louis Comfort Tiffany and the main character
    works for him.

    The book begins in the 1890s. Clara's husband gave her a copy of the 1890 collection
    of Dickinson's poems. The following year she gave him the next edition.

    Haven't read enough of the book to recommend it, but the first few chapters look

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    Pain, Pain, go away
    I would like to live
    without you

    Hi Wolfie!!