PAIN Help... Vicoprofen alternative?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lone-wolf, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. lone-wolf

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    Been taking Vicoprofen 200/7.5 (ibuprofen and hydrocodone) for quite awhile... one tablet not effective any more and doctor is saying won't up dosage from 1 to two tablets three times a day. Been taking two and now I am running out, now I am in trouble.

    Question is... what could I ask for that would be as effective as the Vicoprofen? Maybe I can get the doctor to just switch meds so I can get the same pain relief as I was at first with the Vicoprofen since I have built up a tolerance to them .....

    Thanks, Lonewolf
    PS.. can't take anything with acietometaphin (sp??)
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  2. lone-wolf

    lone-wolf New Member

    hoping for some feedback...

  3. Iggy_RN

    Iggy_RN New Member

    Sounds to me like he might be reluctant to treat your pain long term... Ive had this problem in the past too... I had to see a pain specialist and get a referral to have my doc fill a script of stronger meds... I had to remind my doc that,"I am entitled to receive adequate pain management," and that it is a doctors duty to do so according to the law. WHen I told my doc this in a very professional way, not emotional or snotty, he replied that he would have to send me to a pain doc for anything stronger... Best thing I've ever done. Good luck w/this, and always remember that we hire these docs for them to take care of us, whatever they are uncomfortable w/doing is not our problem!!!! Blessings, Iggy
    PS, please be careful about long term use of ibuprofen, this can cause IBS, or stomach ulcerations, or GI bleeding...[This Message was Edited on 09/04/2003]
  4. shazz

    shazz New Member

    Oxycodone, I believe it comes in 5 mgs but not sure if it comes any stronger than that. I was having one heck of a day last week and a buddy who was visiting my hubby had a script for these. He gave me one and it worked quite well actually. I know what you mean about the meds losing their punch after awhile. I am on 10 mgs of hydrocodone, a little stronger than your vicoprofin at 7.5
    I have cheated and taken 1 1/2 a few times and also know the fear of running out, so when the pain isn't THAT bad I skip taking any so I can save them for when it's way bad.
    Stupid isn't it?
    I get 60 a month, and this just isn't enough anymore, but my rheumy still keeps writing it for that many. I should be grateful for what I DO get, there are lots of people here who get a script for 12 tylenol #3's and say the doc acts like he is doing them a huge favor.
    Anyhow you may try asking for some of the above mentioned pills. I thought it helped alot.

  5. lone-wolf

    lone-wolf New Member

    Thank you for the suggestions and supportive comments. You all at this site are sooooooooooo much help.

    hugs, Lonewolf
  6. CaringWoman

    CaringWoman Member

    Hydrocodone with Tylenol makes me tired. Vicoprofen does not. That would be that the one with ibuprofen I do not feel tired on. Vicoprofen taken 4 times a day at 7.5 mg - 200 mg IBU works for my Fibromyalgia and has for a long time. I do not feel tired like you feel with fatigue from Fibromyalgia. I don't feel much pain except every few days maybe every couple of weeks if I have a day the pain is usually at its worst but I still don't feel exhausted just in more pain than usual. When I first noticed something was going wrong with me and like I wasn't myself I was around 24-25 years old. At first it just felt like my legs were really heavy and I was carrying them around like limp noodles.
    I also had been feeling like I have less strength or energy to do things. At the time I didn't know what to make of it so I went to see the doctor who ran some tests to rule out things and then told me it sounds like I could have Fibromyalgia. The first thing that was tried was Gabapentin which worked for a year but then it started to see like it wasn't working as well for the pain. Since taking the vicoprofen it hasn't worn off and I do not feel like taking more than I was prescribed. I know that there are other medications out there to treat Fibromyalgia but alot of medications can cause you to feel really really sick and I don't mean like the flu which is what they describe some medications can make you feel like you are having the flu I mean the flu times five it's even worse than the flu. You might find you can't even function on other medications. So I would say that if you are currently on Vicoprofen and it works for you then stay on it. Doctors don't know what it feels like to have the rare experience that a medication actually works for you and doesn't make you sicker than you already are. Or to not have to experience being someone's lab rat who they are going to try a bunch a different medications before finally finding the right one all the while you are sick to your stomach thinking you are having the worst time of your life and you must being living in hell.
    Pain is pain. You're going to be in pain without your medication and you may be in pain at the end of your life in worse pain than you are in now from taking medication but no one can predict the future and what it holds for you and tell you that you can't live your life and be pain free so I suggest you not let anyone tell you what is good for you and rather you decide and do some research but whatever you do don't let others decide for you.
  7. RadioFM

    RadioFM Active Member

    Hi, CaringWoman (Vicoprofen is used short-term to relieve severe pain)

    What is the alternative to toxic drugs?

    I have utilize green tea extract to help block TNF/ NF kappa-B mediated inflammation in the past. I am also a BIG fan of ginger tincture as well.

    (Ginger inhibits NF-κB activation and IL-8) <---High in FM...

    Another good blocker of NF kappa-B mediated inflammation is Curcumin. Although high doses of curcumin can increase irritability in some people as it's a monoamine oxidase inhibitor so keep that in mind if have anxiety related issues.

    Another good NF kappa-B blocker is Ashwagandha. You may also want to consider anti-inflammatory that targets COX-2 mediated inflammation support.

    Such as:

    • Cat's claw

    Also, Chinese skullcap, reduces nitric oxide, IL-6, IL-17, COX -2, NF-xB, TNF-a and may upregulate IL-10...

    Warning: Chinese skullcap may have diuretic properties to consider.

    Also, take a look at Acetyl-glutathione as another possible therapeutic option in improve detoxification.

    I feel diet is the key to controlling oxidative inflammation long term. I have also found that walking is another great strategy combined with a diet high in DHA to help reduce inflammation and improve cellular function.

    I have decided to keep things simple and build my diet around Intermittent fasting to improve detoxification. This approach can also dramatically reduce inflammation. The great thing about Intermittent fasting is it cost nothing to implement. It turns on detoxification pathways and gene expression. Oh yea did i mention it's Free!

    The information in this thread is not intended to be medical advice. The information is meant to inspire and motivate you to make your own decisions surrounding your health care and dietary needs. It is intended for educational and informational purposes only. You should not rely upon any information found on this thread to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis or course of treatment. Readers should perform their own research and make decisions in partnership with their own health care providers. This thread is for educational purposes only to document that recovery is possible. Never Give Up The Fight!
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