Pain if you do; pain if you don't

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karen55, Feb 28, 2003.

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    It's Mardi Gras time here. I have severely altered the number of parades, etc. that I would normally go to because I just can't handle that anymore. My sister lives near the parade routes in New Orleans and she has invited us to spend the weekend at her place along with her other house guest for the holidays.

    I spoke with her this morning, and I thought she sounded a bit like she didn't really want me to come. She told me that was not the problem, she was just worried that I wouldn't be up for everything we have planned and was afraid I would be hurting too much to do it all. I told her I was going to have pain whether I was out, or stayed home. I'm not going to let this control my life. I *think* I can pace myself, although I'm sure I'll end up overdoing it. LOL

    She is giving each of us a key to her place, so anytime I feel like I need to lie down or crash or whatever, I've got a place to go.

    I'm hoping to really enjoy the next few days. I just hope my optimism isn't misplaced!

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    Oh Karen....please go and enjoy yourself, you have to convence yourself to just do it!! I know it's hard, believe me, I have to work tomarrow and I am trieng hard to convence myself.....I can do it I can do it......of cource your situation is much more intisive!!I would rather be with you!!Even if I had to take a snooze between activities!! Go enjoy!! Tab
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    Sounds like a good plan---enjoy, retreat and rest as needed! Funny, New Orleans is the source of my current situation. In May of last year, we went on my first visit to the French Quarter and New Orleans. I spent my entire time in Tulane Hospital there, and in a hotel bed for four days before returning home. I never got to see ANYTHING! Now I am homebound, and may never get the chance to return. So Party Hearty for me Girl!!! Remember to listen to your body, and heed its advice.