Pain in abdomen

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  1. kerryconte

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    I have been having some pain in my right side that I sometimes feel in my low abdomen and back. I dont know if it is something worth seeing a doctor for. Should I wait it out to see what happens or should I see a doc asap?
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    ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors for this online site. So you are talking to regular people like you. Don't allow anyone online to decide for you as to whether you wait it out or see a doctor. It's better to see a doctor and after a hands-on examination and any tests, you and the doctor determine exactly what is happening and what steps to take.

    Good luck.
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  3. springwater

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    pls do get it checked out; any kind of pain should nt be neglected.

    in my case, it felt like inflammation inside and even tho the tests all came
    back fine, i asked to be put on antibiotics.

    and it seems to be doing the trick.

    still one needs to be on the alert for other problems, maybe liver dysfunction
    where you need to make sure yu keep your liver healthy, maybe kidneys...

    in my case, it began with vague pain in back of abdomen..some months ago.

    and it flared suddenly into a pain and feelings of nausea. and burning sensation,

    pls drink plenty of water. helps flush out kidneys liver.

    take care

    good luck

    god bless