pain in ankles and calves

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  1. jen_miester27

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    hey yall~~

    i have a question, do you get pain in your ankles and calves? i seem to get them almost every evening. and i am not standing up most of the day...and i still get them. i was wondering if this could be part of fibro. my mother and aunt have fibro, and i am starting to get a few aches everynow and then, and my ankles are constantly hurting. was curious if i am getting the fibro. my mom says i am. i have no insurance...i was wondering if i should find a doctor and tell him or her, what i think, or will they think im stupid. does this make sense?
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    I get the pain in my ankles and calves all the time also my dr says it is all part of fibro , my hubby rubs icy hot on them it seems to help.
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  3. jen_miester27

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    thanks for the reply...i have tried the icey hot stuff and it does help...but not for long. i also lay them on the heating pad. that seems to help as well. weird! sorry you have the same pain!
    hang in there~~~ jennnnn
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    Yes, my ankles are a real hotspot of pain. It never goes away completely. And resting my feet does no good. My pain in my ankles and calves is what got me to the doctor in the first place.

    No, no one should think you are stupid. It sounds tough though to be without insurance. I am one of the luckiest people who has a very good insurance plan (probably because the company it comes from is Japanese owned)

    Good Luck !
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    thanks for the reply as well. so you went to the dr, just for the pain in your ankles? what did they say. did they immediatly send you to a specialist? also, what did they do for your pain? any info would be great! thanks for your help!