pain in ankles and calves

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  1. jen_miester27

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    hey yall....was curious if anyone had pain in their ankles or calves. i seem to have pain in mine alot. was curious if it could be fibro. my mother and aunt have fibro, and my mom said it probably was. if you do have it, what do you take for the pain? any help would be great!
    thanks! jennifer
  2. NyroFan

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    I have the problem and an alternately on Percocet and Ultram. I also use Elavil at night for pain and sleep: it makes getting out of bed in the morning a whole lot easier.
    Uncomfortable yes, but manageable.
  3. Manina

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    Yes! I have since January 1st. I have been to the doc, chiroprator.
    No one seems to know what it is, they wanted me to have a ultrsound just to rule out! blood clots.
    This had started in my right knee, it was swollen up and after two days I could not put weight on it.
    Then it went to the other leg, I could not put any pressure on even my feet.
    After doing 5 days of prdnisone, robaxin, and pain meds.
    I went to get some meds at costco and felt a pop and total rip in my calve muscle, then I had a bulge protrude on my knee.
    Doc's still had not a clue!
    Day before yesterday I got totally fed up, after I could not even get in for a ultrasound.
    SO! I went to the store and purchased some D M S O.
    And so far it is helping.
    I have used it in the past for myself and the horse.
    It I have a feeling is tendonitis with a touch of bursitis.
    We will see! after I find out for sure some nasty words will go out of my mouth to the docs.