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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mom3, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Mom3

    Mom3 New Member

    Hi everyone I have read about some people experiencing some chest pain as well. I over did myself making some homemade foods this Easter and had muscle pain across my chest all around my shoulder and back. It hurt to breathe. I did take a muscle relaxant and it helped but I was really scared. I know I overdid myself with repetitive motion. It hurt to touch anywhere on my chest. Any advice is this common???? Thanks, mom3
  2. micheline

    micheline New Member

    I have most of the fibro painin my chest area, went to emerg several times as i could hardly breathe, was given an ativan and a cockail to freeze my esophegus, the combination worked wonderful probably because the tight rib cage muscles restrictrited my breathing and interfere with my digestion, also have a hiatus hernia, yes they checked my heart also, and that should be done but for me it is called conchodritis, which is inflammation of the ribcage usually breought on by repetetive movement, WE just had a sewer back up and I went crazy with the cleaning and have been in agony since, so do not worry excessively, try to rest, it will fade in time, it has been a week for me and no sign of respite yet, take care, Micheline
  3. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    Once my chest muscles go I'm in trouble.
    I have trouble breathing, (feels like a vice around my chest,) I reflux terribly, my shoulders & arms go out in sympathy. My chest burns like nothing else & can't be touched :*(
    I end up not being able to walk or drive because I can't get a decent breath & the pain is awesome :( Then last but not least due to the increase in discomfort I pressume & some anxiety I end up with an increase in heart palps.
    I've ended up in the A&E so many times for this.
    ~*Gentle Hugs*~

  4. Mom3

    Mom3 New Member

    I thank you for responding I am feeling better, although I cannot do any repetitive movement or any cleaning still very sore.
    I cannot believe how fibro attacks us with new symptoms I knew this was all muscle related.
    Hope you are feeling a pain free day!!!
    Gentle hugs mom3
  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Unless you have already done so, have this checked by a doctor. I never trust chest pain. I get chest and neck pains a lot, but I also have it checked if it seems odd or I am worried about it. You never know.

    Hurt to breathe....mmm could be chest or lung thing???

    Maybe you bruised your diaphram...

    All of these cause pain.

    Hope you can relax in several showers and see if that helps. I love Tiger Balm for the chest.

    Love Anne C
  6. zoemurr

    zoemurr New Member

    chest pain and shortness of breath are my worst symptoms. The only thing that has seemed to help is visits to the chiro. I was terrified to go, but when I think about how I was 6mos ago, and how I am now, there is quite a difference. She also sold me "Total Mitochondria" by nutri west (It is mainly B1) and I usually feel better a few hours after taking it.

    Good luck.. this is an awfully scary symptom. I went to the Dr. the first 3 or so times it flared up, but now I know how to calm it down.

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