Pain in elbows and wrists? Does anyone have this?

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  1. I have been having terrible pain in my wrists lately. It is hard to pick things heavy up as it hurts so badly sometimes. My elbows even hurt, could this be all part of fibro or something else? Anyone?
  2. I have been having terrible pain in my wrists lately. It is hard to pick things heavy up as it hurts so badly sometimes. My elbows even hurt, could this be all part of fibro or something else? Anyone?
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    Dear fibrobutterfly: I've had fibro for the past 6 years with progression to disability and forced retirement from work. My pain and disability has progressed also. I have alot of wrist and hand and finger pain. sometimes it's so bad I can't hold a cup . Writing with a pen and paper, the old fashioned way, is almost impossible for me now. I find I can use the computer, thank heavens!!!! I find that using a heating pad or one of those new microwave pads on an ace bandage to wrap around your wrist works very well. Hope this helps you.
    With that said, it's easy to say all new aches and pains and symptoms are fms related and we should not fall into that trap. You could have carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, etc. Please check it woul with your doctor.
    hope you do well.
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    Sometimes It wont hurt then suddenly hurt to pick something up, and other times wrists, elbows, etc. etc. etc. just ache and never can think of a dang thing I did to aggrivate it. "they" say excersice (cant spell today) or rest, both seem to not change anything for me. But it sounds just like alot of us.
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    A big YES here. My elbows have been hurting for at least 2 years, and gotten progressively worse. I had them injected a couple months ago, but it didn't really help, and was VERY painful for the injections and 2 days following. My hands and wrists hurt a lot too; I've been tested for and do have carpal tunnel, but I don't think this pain is from that. I do have problems with picking things up however, and many times I drop them.

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    That pain and weakness for me developed many years ago. It increasingly got worse. I got tested by the neurologist and she confirmed it was carpal tunnel. We bypassed surgery for a couple of years and used wrist braces at night and when I needed to lift objects. It did not help and I ended up with surgery on both wrists. I now have permanent damage and Reflex Sympathetic Dystropy and can lift 3lbs. with my left hand and 5lbs. with the right hand. A lot of burning, needles and tingling. There are times when I wake and have to massage the arms to get them to come to life. I think if we considered the surgery earlier, I wouldn't have had permanent damage now. Just a thought.
    Good luck and take care. You may need to check it out though with the neurologist and have an EMG.
    Very soft hugs.
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    I have been going through the same thing.....wrist, hand and fingers. My hand even swells.
    I went to my neurologist and found out I have carpal tunnel in my left hand and osteoarthritis in my right hand.

    It always best to go and have your symptons checked out.
    I have to wear a brace at night and I use a compound cream on my hands.....don't help much....but I do wear the brace.


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    Sometimes can't even curl my hands around the steering wheel and have to drive w/ my hands flat against it. Sometimes everything from elbow to fingertips just throbs, big time, and they've even gotten major pins-and-needles for days at a time. And it has to be the fibro, because the carpal tunnel test was neg. I sympthsize, because nothing seems to help. Sorry for you!
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    yup, got all of that. Just had a ton of bloodwork done and no RA ... the doc gave me a steroid injection as a diagnostic -- if it works, we look further. But he has no explanation for the joint pain. I don't have swelling in the joints, but some in the tissues.

    Jan ^v^
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    My first symptoms started with my ankles then wrists, and elbows. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on. I first asked my gastro who was treating me for my iron disease and he said it was pseudeogout.

    Oh, I just knew this was it, finally a dx. Was he qualified to dx me? NO! But, he made the point that it was associated with HH.
    It just kept spreading and it felt like all my skin was hurting. I couldn't even tolerate being hugged.

    My wrists don't hurt anymore, my ankles hurt only after being on my feet too long and my elbows, well, they let me know they are there everyday.

    I would imagine yours is Fibro.
    It hurts also to extend my elbows. I was driving a standard, now I have an automatic. So no more wrists or elbow braces!!

    Now if I could just get my hips, knees and back to cooperate.
    I know FAT CHANCE!!

    take care,

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    Me too. I find that the pain is worst for me if I am not careful when I am sleeping. If I don't sleep just right, I wake up feeling like I sprined my wrists and elbows (same thing with my back). How long the pain stays that bad varies though. Sometimes just a hot shower or heating pad help, and sometimes I can't use an arm for a few days. I have even had to put my arm in a sling a few times just to insure I did not move it. My hands are the worst though. They usually hurt first and the worst. I have trouble writing, taking off a soda cap, and the worst is holding the steering wheel on my car. Well anyway, you are not alone in this.
    God Bless and take care,
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    I was relieved to find out that the elbow pain is part of the fibro, at times you think your all alone with these symtoms but just log on and you have alot of support here..
    Bless you all ***
  13. Thanks for your replies. I also think its fibro, I hate to have surgery unless only positive it was carpal tunnel. I am always afraid it would make it worse. Fibrobutterfly
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    I have had pain and swelling in my hands too. I think mine has really increased since doing physical therapy for a neck injury. All the repetitive movements in water therapy caused pain and swelling in my hands and wrists at first. I used hand braces all the time and then developed DeQuervian's (sp) tendonsynovitis in my thumbs. Used braces for them too. My test show mild carpel tunnel. THEN I started having tennis elbow symptoms (my rehab Dr thinks from using the hand braces for so long-stressed the elbows) So now I have just finished another 6 months of PT for hands and elbows. I do lots of stretches and mild strength training but when I have a flare they are really bad. Hurts to even write out a check. So I guess I think in a nutshell its the fibro plus chronic inflammed tissues. It is frustrating!!!!!!!!!!
    Take Care,
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    I have had bouts of epicondilitis (tennis elbow) off and on now for 7 years.... i thought it was an occupational thing but the Rheumatologist said it is all part of FM. When I started reading books about FM, I realized alot of things I blew off were actually symptoms too. I was newly diagnosed with FM, but suspect I have had it for years. It certainly explained alot of mysterious illnesses. I did exercises with a 1 lb. weight under the guidance of a PT. It did help!!!
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    i get the case of the dropses, my wrists won't hold anything, everything goes flying outof my hands. also, my ankles and wrists hurt more. the cold weather also affects my knees, hurting worse in the am. i can't tell you how many broken things in the bathroom i have dropped on that tile floor.

    i haven't had my ankles hurt too much lately, , but they will even swell a little. i ususally wrap a warm rice sock around them and elevate my legs. every morning i have to do ankle stretches and twirls of the feet and toes to get things going if i want to make it to the kitchen! it's still a shuffle.

    warm regards, fibolady
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    Especially in a flare. Horrible isn't it.