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    I don't think this has anything to do with fibro...but being that I have it...along with Migraine...just thought I would ask if anyone has had this (new symptom) that I have ..I just started with a bad sore throat..fever...and ached all over..the what I figure...but now I have the pain in my left eye...especially when I move it...I have never had a sinus problem...but with the way I am plugged up (nasal)...and all ...well just wondered...this one is new to me...but makes me a little scared...Jeanne
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    I cut and copied the post below from the Chit Chat board for you by ssMarilyn, if this happens to be what you have, you have got to get to a eye doctor ASAP!

    It could be caused by your sinus, but then again it could be more serious. Let me know how you are doing.

    Shalom, Shirl

    Posted by; ssMarilyn (Chit Chat Board)

    Iritis - I have it - #*%^@*%+*^^ 12/17/02 05:29 PM

    Yesterday my eyes were red all day and very tired, then last night I started to get a sharp pain in my left eyeball. It was so bad that I couldn't sleep last night and just to turn on the tv or a light in the room caused the pain in my eyeball to feel like a knife! Since my eyesight has gotten really bad, I thought I'd better have it looked at right away and not take any chances. I got into my MD right away, and he took one look and called up a specialist. (I got into him in an hour, but had to drive over to his clinic) The specialist said I had Iritis, an inflammation of the iris. Cause unknown, but if you don't treat it, you can damage your eye and lose your eyesight. He asked if I had any autoimmune diseases and/or back problems. I said yes to both and asked why. He said this problem is common in people with those medical conditions. He also said many people that have iritis also have Lupus, so he's going to talk to my MD and see if I've been tested for that or not. Treatment for this thing is 6-8 weeks of eyedrops and if the eyedrops don't work, it's the steroid shots in the eye area! Yikes!!!

    My eye hurt so bad that the doctor put a gauze pad over it with tape, so that I didn't hurt it more by using it to see where I was going! Hubby couldn't get home in time to get me into the second doctor, so I drove myself! Talk about weird!! Did you know that you have almost ZERO depth perception when using only ONE eye? We live on an island, so have to go over a bridge to get to the mainland, and then follow a narrow, winding road with a steep tree-covered hill on my left, and a cliff and lake on the right. I was getting kinda paranoid that I might screw up and end up in the lake, but I made it okay. I'm not going to drive like that again, ever. I'll just wait for husband to come home.

    WHAT NEXT????

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    It maybe nothing but, it is better to be safw then sorry. I get really bad eye migrains as well as migraines and also have Glacoma so my eye doc said if there is any pain in the eye or vision change call ASAP no matter what day or time. Hay, that is what docs are for getting them out of bed anytime you need them.

    Hope you are feeling better in the AM and please call, Kim and Gary
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    Push on your cheeks and just above your eyebrows,Are they painful or sensitive?

    The way you mention that you are "plugged up" in the Nasal area,makes me wonder if it could indeed be a sinus problem.
    which would cause your eye/eyes to be painful.

    Have you tried a warm tea bag on your eye?
    Warm compresses can also open up your sinuses and may relieve your pain.

    Do you only experiance the pain in your eye while your having a migraine?This could be another concern.Worth checking into further.
    Although when I do get migraines I often have pain and sensitivity in both my eyes.

    Have you had your eyes checked lately?

    As far as your sinuses, if it were to be the culprit they can be plugged without you having any further symptoms.Or they could also cause dizziness from a possible inner ear infection with no other symptoms.

    Couple things to check is the ventilation in your house,I'm a firm believer in a home humidifier(only in dry conditions)and most importantly a real good air cleaner.

    Studies have shown the biggest pollutions we are exposed to are often in the home ie:
    cleaning products,no proper ventilation,household chemicals even from our laundry products!!There could also be another consideration if this is a constant irritation to you and in fact is your siuses,could also be allergies.

    I could be barking up the wrong tree but I just thought I would give you a couple other things to check/rule out.

    I hope you find your answers,
    God Bless,Val.

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    I get the sharp pains in my right eye and they are sometimes acompanied by a migraine. My doctor sent me to an opthalmologist and she said that I had "dry eyes" and that can cause pain in the eyes. So really it could be anything and should therefore should be looked at by your doctor. I know what you mean by scary! Good luck and let me know what he says.
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    the optom. put in tear duct plugs on the lower and then upper ducts. I have had them in over a year now and love them. It was done in office and took less then 30 secs ea.

    To Jeanne, I also got what they called Ice pick head aches that were in the temple and eye area. They can cure those.

    Good luck, take care and hope you called the doc.