Pain in fingers/hand...this could help you!

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    Hello to everyone, I am sending some information about a product that I have used, you can get it at Walmart, or Walgreens. It is good for tendonitis, continuos motion, carpal tunnel, repetitive stress injury...pain in the fingers or hand. I hope it can help someone as it helped me a lot. HANDEZE is the name, and if you can't open the site, just go to search and type therapeutic support glove and it will show up...I am NOT a doctor or nurse...just a person who suffers from pain in the fingers and hands.
    hope all have a great day!

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  2. bre_ann

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    and I will look for that stuff. Maybe it would work for my foot pain too. Thanks again.
    (I just re-read your post, sounds like it's a glove so it probably wouldn't work for my feet then? :) )[This Message was Edited on 07/30/2003]
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    I have horrid, excruciating pain in my hands. You don't see many post from be because of it. A few minutes of typing just about brings me to tears. I tried the Handeze gloves and they were great for my hands, but my fingers hurt too. Noone of the "sports gloves" helped so I started to search...and search...and search. VIOLA I hit paydirt

    If the handeze aren't enough do search for Thermoskin Arthritic glove. They are tight enough to gently massage your hands AND fingers..but not so tight they restrict your movement. And the fingers are 3/4 length, so your fingers get support too.

    Hope you find relief
    Warm fuzzies