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  1. SayCheese

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    Hi everyone, how you're all doing?

    I have a question about this pain in my left groin. Had it for over 6 months now and it is getting worse. The pain goes down the inside of thigh to my knee down to my ankle and it radiates to the hip area as well.
    My PT says it has to do with ligaments and the SI joint and is working with me on that once a week but still no relieve. Does any of you have an idea about what my next step should be?

    Love and hugs, Karina
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    Last June upon arising from bed,when my feet hit the floor,I had a severe pain in back. It hurt so bad and nothing at home would help. Back pain finally stopped after about 3 mo but left me with a pain in hip and groin I have had ever since then along with numbness in left leg and groin. My pain doesnt go any further than the hip. If you touch a certain spot I scream. MRI shows narrowing of the spine and they think its pinched a nerve. I still have it. Right now I'm on nuerontin and it's helping the pain but I know the problem is still there. If I touch in that spot it hurts. I believe its arthritis on that hip and has made spurs that are pressing on a nerve. Going to ask Dr if he can get insurance to pay for MRI on hip. Hate ins co,especially HMO's. Hope this helps some. Terri
  3. SayCheese

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    Hi Terri, thank you for your quick reply. With me it all started with severe lower back pain too that's why I ended up with this physical therapist. I don't have the numbness you are talking about but I do have a tingling foot for well over a year now. Sometimes my shin is tingling also and never the calf (?). Maybe the tingling has something to do with the groin pain so thank you for bringing this up.
    Yet another question: do any of you know when I ask for a MRI of the spine if the hips are scant automatically too?

    Warm regards from Holland, Karina

  4. joannie1

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    I have had back pain with the hip and such for three years. However mine is the outside of the hip not the inner part. I was in PT off and on for over two years and it never got better with it. You need to be sure that it is not alot of strenuous PT it can make it worse. I did all my exercising in the pool.
    As for the MRI, if you have a low back that is what you get, if you get a hip MRi that is what you get. It only scans what they request and nothing more. Hope I could help with your questions.
    Take care,
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    A thought to ponder. When I first started having bad bouts of low back pain....hip pain,down the left leg,and pain in my groin,I explained my pain well to the ortopedic Dr.but I said to him"this does'nt make sense but...I have alot of groin pain with it too". He smiled at me and said "it would'nt make sense to you but to me it certainly does". He ordered an MRI which confirmed his suspicion of herniated disks in my low back. I went to PT 3 times a week for 4 months before I got relief.I was getting ultrasound,massage,traction,moist heat wraps, and mild exersize.It took awhile but it really helped alot.
    Good luck Karina~