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  1. autoharp15

    autoharp15 New Member

    does anyone else have pain in their hands especially the thumbs and it radiates to the elbow. Its like a constant ache and if anyone grabs your hands it hurts so bad it can bring you to your knees. Some days the pain is worse than others. I am trying to figure out if this is fibro pain or something else. Any input would be a blessing.
  2. fisher1949

    fisher1949 New Member

    My pain radiates both ways, from my shoulder down to my tumb or if I turn my hand or thumb a certain way it radiates up to my shoulder.

    I do have carpal tunnel (again) but that is not one of the symptoms. Pinches nerve maybe, trigger finger???
  3. autoharp15

    autoharp15 New Member

    do you feel like you are totally exhausted all the time. Even when you do sleep all night? do you have muscle spasms in your hips and legs when trying to sleep? It seems like the pain moves around so much its hard to know where I hurt the most.
  4. CKater

    CKater New Member

    Yes, yes, and yes...I have pain in my hands, fingers joints all the time from my thumb right up my arm and into my elbow and if someone touches me it almosts sends me. It hurts like hell. It is not every day. Somedays my hands are really stiff and sore even if I have done nothing. Then there are days when my feet are the toes hurt so bad I can hardly stand and the pain radiates all the way up my leg...UGH!!!! I hate this!!!
  5. zoey2006

    zoey2006 New Member

    Yes, I do. I also have a great deal of numbness. The pain is especially severe at night. My pain Dr. said carpal tunnel is getting worse plus I now have some arthritis in my hands as well. I've tried Lidoderm patches at night both on hands and arms it helps some but not all. Try putting your hands in hot dish water that sometimes helps with me too. That's another sign it's part arthritis. I hope you find something to feel better soon!
  6. fifthofanickel

    fifthofanickel New Member

    & wrists. I use the spandex fingerless gloves when doing handwork or when they esp. hurt. I also use Blue Emu Cream (odorless) & that seems to help alot..I use it twice a day. Sometimes more depending on the weather..

    I think it's the osteoarthritis for me combined w/fm. There is a name for the thumb pain, but having a senior moment right now. lol...

    Good luck w/whatever you try..And I hope it works for you.

  7. CanBrit

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    I too have pains in my hands. The ones in my thumbs can be really sore. I also get severe pain in my elbows, at the FM point. Sometimes it would feel like the bone was broken but my GP said that it's the tendons and nerves attached to the bone that are actually hurting.

    It comes and goes, but my meds help a little bit.

    All the best,

  8. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    I have pain in my hands and just this week my thumbs have joined in with their own pain.

    I also have a new pain in my hand that is very frustrating. On the palm side of my left hand in the middle is a pain that feels like someone is stabbing my hand...the pain keeps going in~ does this make sense? This is a constant pain. :(

    There always seems to be a new pain somewhere on my body.

    very gentle hugs, Susan
  9. spmom

    spmom New Member

    I have pain that migrates all over my body at all times, but when it is in my hips or hands I have to stop what ever I am doing. It is so painful.
  10. PorterKY

    PorterKY New Member

    I have pain in both hands, especially the joint in my fingers. My Dr. says this is part of fibro. They hurt so bad that i have to get my husband to open things for me, because i have no grip in them at all. My meds do help alittle but not enough.
  11. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    The pain in my hands especialy my left hand gets so bad that I can't grip things. The frustrating thing is I'm left handed so that is the hand that I use the most.

    And pain meds do help but don't get rid of the pain all the way.

    This morning the pain isn't too bad in my hands but I haven't done much~ it doesn't take much for it to start hurting.

    Gentle hugs, Susan