pain in head and neck...what is it?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Sandyz, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. Sandyz

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    DO you every get pain in the back of your neck and seems to shoot up the back of your head and on top. I have such bad neck pain I can barely stand a car ride anymore. I have that so often, its very uncomfortable. I also feel vise like pressure in my head everyday. Is that some kind of headache?

    I should go to the doctor with this but they`ll just shrug it off again. I told the pain doctor I was going to about it 6 monthes ago and she just acted like I was making it up to get more pain meds. She didn`t check into it at all.

    I hate having scary symptoms and feeling like your not going to be believed if you go in to the doctor.
  2. Lupian

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    You perhaps need a new doctor? One who listens to you and believes you? It is common with lupus and similar diseases to be misdiagnosed for some years, and even accused of imagining all the symptoms. However, eventually we find the right doctor who pushes the right buttons. Your pain sounds like something that needs medical examination. If your current doctor will not take this seriously for you, I'd recommend a doctor with whom you have a much better relationship.
    Best wishes
  3. Sandyz

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    Thanks Lupian, your response made me feel better. Its alwasy reassuring to know we are not alone with all this.

    I meant to post this on the regular board. I know it doesn`t belong on the worship board. I was really tired last nite when I posted it.

  4. dash

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    I sympathize with your frustration. I'm suffering from the same things (along with a long list of other problems)-severe headaches and neck pain. I'm in the diagnosis phase. I try to think of it as medical detective work.

    Fortunately, my doctors believe that I am in pain. Right now there are a lot of maybe's. It maybe temporal arteritis. I just had a temporal artery biopsy. I'll probably get the results by the end of the week. Most of my headache pain is along the temples and across the forehead. But I, also get severe pain in the back and top of my head. Since this can cause you to lose your eyesight, they are treating me as if I have it with prednisone until it can be eliminated.

    I have cervical degenerative disk disease, bone spurs, osteoarthritis, bulging disks and spinal cord pushed out of place. So, the headaches maybe related to that. It could be ocipital neuralgia.

    The high dose prednisone helps-but it could be helping with any of those causes. I'm having scary symptoms-vision disturbances, facial numbness, a peculiar pulling sensation in the left forehead and cheek.

    I'm rambling, but the point is that fear-especially of the unknown is our enemy. If your regular doctor isn't giving you satisfaction, find a new one. I'll be praying that you find an answer to your problem and get the help you need.

    God bless,

  5. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I appreciate your response. I did have an MRI 2 years ago on my neck and it showed I had DDD starting. I know its causing my neck pain but maybe that is what is causing the weird pain and pressure in my head also.

    It`s probably time for a new MRI to see how far the DDD has progressed. I`m just so sick of these doctors, I don`t know who to go to anymore.

    I`m glad your finding some answers on yours and I wish you good luck with your treatment.
  6. mary124

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    I have the same problem. the neurolist(?) told me because of my bulging disks. Whats scary though, is about 3 weeks ago my head felt like it exploded and I lost my vision for about 5 minutes, doctors thought I had an aneurysm but after having CT scans,etc they don't know what caused it. Thing is, this can happen again (or not). Going back to the pain management doctor as soon as they get all the paper work- hopefully it will be soon, but with the holidays, it will probably be after the lst of the mmonth.