pain in left thigh, right calf

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    I've been having pain in my left thigh and buttock when I flex the muscle there or move certain ways for about 3 months. I also have this intermittent aching in my right calf and an occasional achy right shoulder, headaches,... Those are the major complaints but I also have intestinal problems, major increasing anxiety problems, sleep issues (waking up early, not being able to sleep or being so tired I fall asleep in the recliner and have a hard time getting up to go to bed). I'm totally new to the idea of fibromyalgia, hadn't heard of it at all until recently. Do you guys think it's possible I've got it>? I can't figure out the pressure points thing. WHen I press on those 'tender points' it hurts, but it also hurts other places when I press I'm confused and totally a newbie!! advice??