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    I have pain or cramps in my legs..all of a sudden..Doc said it is fibro. and to wear leggings for warmth..seems to help.Anyone else?
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    Hi, I have only been very sick for about 2 years (very sick). During my last pregnancy I developed 2 blood clots one right above my knee and one right below on the inside of my leg. I still and assume I will forever have alot of pain in that area as the valves were damaged. I also get aching from my head to my toes & very tired heavy feeling. Sometimes I can't sleep as they hurt so bad, so I put a pillow between my legs at night. I also wear support hose. I bet they would help you alot. They keep the blood flowing! Also if you can lie down & raise your legs above your heart for 20 min or so a few times a day, that is very helpful, as it allows the blood to flow out of the legs & everywhere efficiently. Hot bathes also feel great, but they really don't help my migraines. I hope some of this helps a bit. Take care, Laura
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    You might want to ask your dr. to rule out blood clots. It's done through a very simple scan which is basically an ultrasound.

    I had the same symptoms and blew them off for about 3 weeks. Then it progressed to being very out of breath just walking from one room of the house to the next room. I attributed that part to anxiety. It was the weekend and I knew I couldn't get to the dr., so I decided to go to the ER just to play it safe. They did a chest Xray and found a blood clot. Afterwards they did a leg scan and found that the clot originated in the deep vein of the lower leg, going all the way up the deep vein to the groin. The clot had encompassed the entire vein, a piece of the clot broke off, traveled up through my stomach, passed thru the heart and lodged into the lung. The dr. said had I not come in when I did I wouldn't have made it through the weekend. Naturally they took me off birth control and put me on Coumadin. I also wear compression hose to force the blood to flow upwards due to the extensive damage in my ankle & leg. A couple years later bloodwork was done and they found I have full blown Factor V Leiden deficiency which is a gene mutation that forces my blood to over-clot.

    Not to scare you but if its really weighing on your mind you might want to rule that out just for peace of mind. And even if its not its a good idea to wear compression socks, especially during the winter if you're sensitive to cold. They really help keep my legs warm which is a godsend for the FM as well.
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    Well, first off, pain in the legs isn't a automatic fibro diagnosis. Did he check your trigger points? Do you have diffuse pain all over, or just in your legs? Any other symptoms?

    I would suggest getting some blood tests for vitamin levels. Anemia and some other low vitamin levels can cause cramps in the legs.

    Gentle yoga stretching is probably a good idea. Adding potassium, malic acid, and magneisum supplements could help also.