pain in lower back and neck

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  1. brownling

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    i have constant pain in lower back or to be exact across hips and back. I have been in pain for about four years. Last year my neck became painful and grating sound in my earwhen i turn to look at anything. The doctors have done pretty well all they can do.

    From x rays nothing positive has been found,

    Has anyone any ideas about how to handle constant back ache and can I help myself in any way?
  2. misshart

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    for my back pain I exercise with floor mat exercises like the cat stretch, butt lifts and free and stationary weights. I also try to walk every day when weather permits.

    My neck also makes that grinding sound and hurst all the time. I am trying Neuro modulation technique but so far have not found much relief.

    My meds only provide moderate relief
  3. vsmith1210

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    Hi iam in the same boat that you are in i have been haveing horrible neck and back pain. since november of 2002, I started on a med called Arthrotech 75 mg It has been a great reliefe you might want ot try it if your dr. will give it to you it has worked for me but i cant go without it for more than 7 hrs the pain returns and i can take it. maybe this will help HOPE IS ON its way! GOD BLESS!
  4. Bobbe

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    I had the same problems for 8 years. Finally I found a very experienced cranial sacral worker. I saw him 2 x's per week for four months. ALL my pain was gone!!!!!!! Then he moved away and two months later it was back. I have seen other sacral cranial people and bodyworkers, but only his work did they trick. He lives in Pueblo, CO, now.
  5. FabuTam

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    Hi, This is my first time on this site and your mess has made me cry... I really thought I was alone with this pain. I have had major lower back pain constantly for over a year now... I damaged my back at work and all my doctors have blamed it on everything under the sun, until about a month ago when they came up with severe depression. They believe my pain is all in my head, I`ve taken countless pills, tried Accupunture, herbal drinks etc,etc. So far I have found nothing that works for me... I`ve even gone so far as naming my pain Vin (!) He says hello when I finally wake in the morning after forcing sleeping pills into my body so I can sleep, Whenever I get to a certain pain level I say hello to him again, and I even talk to him when I`m trying to do a job. He has made me quit work due to my pain, I got fired from the job I loved- my boss needed me to do more hours and harder jobs, he didn`t understand how much pain I was in just doing 10 hours a week!.
    I guess naming my pain has helped by focusing my pain into something, swearing at HIM not ME. I cannot wait to be able to, one day, say "GOODBYE VIN", perhaps in another life!?! Anyway I felt the need to explain all that so that YOU know other people are out here feeling the pain too!! Please get in touch whenever you need to, I am always here, there... sadly so is Vin.
    My name is Tam and you can e-mail me at... .Good luck.
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  6. Milo83

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    Everyone has given you excellant suggestions..I have only one thing to add - you say you have had xrays and nothing has been found..Did you have any MRI's????????
    X-rays, DO NOT ALWAYS show some problems..Just something to think about!!!!!! Wishing you the best........
    Take Care........Donna
  7. jeffevans

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    I thought it was just old age.
    I went to a chiropractor using muscle testing called CK, or Clinical Kinesiology.
    Then I got on Juice Plus and that seemed to help alot.
  8. MaxFame

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    I am interested on your concept of naming your pain. Is it your clever idea or did you read that was a good idea.I'd be interested in the research if any. I would like to communinicate on this idea. My name is Maxy and my email is Thanks for the insight Maxy
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  9. FabuTam

    FabuTam New Member

    Hi. Just a quick mess to say that I actually decided to "name my pain", I was constantly getting extremely angry at myself, it got to a point that I started to harm myself... that didn`t work it just gave me another pain to feel. One day I just screamed out for the pain to stop and leave me in peace and a name just popped out. I have continued swearing at `Vin` and it does help me alot.
    I also went out the other day ( after about an hour of talking to myself, saying everything would be ok, I get really nervous B4 going outside) and I bought a diary/book and everyday I write in it, I write about Vin and how he hurts, or about how I`m coming to terms with him in my life. Sometimes it`s just like having an enemy, or a friend depending on the level of pain I am in.
    I hope that makes sense? Get back in touch, I`d like to know more about you ( or anyone else) and if you are in the same boat, how far YOU are from shore and if you made you managed to row there (!) Speak soon. Tam.
    ( my e-mail system has stopped me from sending e-mail at the mo. sorry!)
    Also to answer Donna (Milo83) I have had an MIR scan, I am still awaiting the results, I will tell Y`all as soon as I know.[This Message was Edited on 04/20/2003]
  10. MaxFame

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    Dear Tam, I really need a friend also. Like your style and how you answered back, that is always important. I ALSO have gone through more than my share and it gets me down, but I keep on tramping, even though I have had many negative thoughts. Like what is the use no one understands. I have Lupus, Fibro, had cancer, chronic pain all over, spinal stenous, spondylosis, periperal neuropathy, dislocating shoulders , hip and back severe problems and etc. Forgot TMJ and fell and broke 5 teeth. I go 3 times a week to physical therapy, 2x to a chiropractor, who uses an activator, 3x/wk to the YMCA to exercise in a therapuetic pool, see a therapist, belong to womens group therapy, see a Rhuematologist, Pyschiatrist, oncology GYNist, go to church, "PRAY", belong to a lupus support group, Fibro group, Cancer support group, Nami, Advisory Bd. for a Mental institution, Advisory board in the Mental Health dept., Advocate for all kinds of polictical issues and the Mentally ill. I have 2 Masters and am fighting not to be flat on my back. I collapse a lot but keep trying. I take computer classes at continuing Ed in a local college plus other courses such as horticulture. This was cathargic for me. I am on SSDI, thus in trouble financially, Been divorced, live alone, and don't aLways eat right or take my medicine or pay bills __with no money. Struggling to keep my house. All I can say to all this is:




    ******** IS NOT LIFE A MIRICLE********

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  11. cocoa

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    Hi Brownling.Nice to meet you.
    I too have constant and increasing lower back ,hip,and neck pain.My xrays only show some calcification and a slight curvature in my lower spine .I can't have an mri or ct scan due to steel rod in my back for scoliosis.
    Yesterday my Rheumatologist mentioned seeing a spine specialist;who would probably give me an epidural spinal injection.I cringe at the thought of anything going near my spine!I'm wondering if you or anyone has tried these and what the result was.If anyone can help please contact me here or my email(
    Best of luck to you,hope we can talk somehow and stay in touch.Hang in there,remember you're not alone!!
    Your friend,cocoa
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  12. JLH

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    you need a CT scan or MRI. I had CT scans because I can't have MRIs due to my pacemaker.

    My pain across the lower back is under the waist line, almost at my tailbone -all across the hips. I can't stand for more than 5 minutes. Have found nothing to help the pain.

    My scans indicated a lot of stuff. But no answers by the docs on how to eliminate the pain.