Pain in lower jaw to the left and right of my chin??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by valleyann, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. valleyann

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    Long time no post! :) I haven't posted in quite a while, but today I have a question for you all...

    has anyone experienced pain in their lower jaw to the left and right of your chin? (not the joint, like TMJ)it feels like someone punched me on both sides of my jaw. It's so strange! It hurts to touch it or to smile...crazy hey?


  2. lil45

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    Hi valleyann

    I also get these pains, i don't know what causes it, but it can be very painful.
    It would be great to know wether it is connected TMJ or the fibro,

  3. blondie45

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    I have had a pain in my jaw on the left side only ever since I had an attempted root canal there about 20 years ago. After the root canal I was in such extreme pain that after 2 weeks I told them the tooth had to go. Well ever since they pulled that tooth I have had pain the jaw radiating pretty much the whole left side of my face.
  4. kb101

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    Aafter seeing a maxillofacial surgeon, being sure that I absolutely must have had TMJ, I was told that my pain was from a spasm of the Massiter Muscle.
    So mine turned out to be a giant and terrible muscle spasm.
  5. valleyann

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    yah it's strange...the bone feels like its bruised. just like someone punched me in the jaw on both sides! but it feels a little better today. i'm not sure if it's related to TMJ or FM? my TMJ just seems to affect the joints in my jaw...

    thanks again for all the posts and good information!

  6. lv2sing

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    With this, the parotid & salivary glands can get blocked due to dryness. It can cause extreme pain along the jawline, down the neck, ear pain, & swelling /&/or pain behind the ear where we get the "mumps". Massage it w/ your fingers up & down (they call it milking the gland), & try heat/ice, along w/ antiinflammatory drug like Aleve if you aren't already on something like that. If it doesn't go away in a few days, you might try getting into an ENT doctor. You could possibly need antibiotics. It doesn't always go away on it's own. I have Sjogrens, & get this atleast monthly. Hope this helps & you feel beter soon!