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    I know most of us have neck and shoulder pain,but this time I can"t seem to get it to calm down ,I"m having severe muscle spasm,s and can"t get it to stop I use my thera cane on my trigger pts and it helps for a few minutes, but then starts in again,and of course its the burning type pain. and almost feels like theres heat in it. my skin is also sore to the touch.just wondering what others use for this type of pain. sixtyslady.
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    I can't wait until you get a few responses to this one. I am having the EXACT same problem. I had a few glasses of red wine with dinner tonight and that seemed to help but I do not want to resort to that!! Hopefully some helpful responses are forthcoming.

  3. 3gs

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    me warm baths heating pad and pain meds

    is your weather changing where you live? could be you are reacting to change.

    some people use the rub on pain creams

    ive tolerated pain for most of my life so lots of it i just live with

    oh chrio helps(NUCCA)
  4. sixtyslady

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    I"ve tried heat and rub on creams. it runs up the back of my neck and just hurts like """"".
    I just don"t know what else, to do I was hoping more would answer.
    thanks again sixtyslady
  5. 3gs

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    i thought of you last night.

    have you noticed if this is all the time? i had this problem and it dawned on me it was worse after i had been on computer.

    can you think of anything thats brought it on or is aggravting it?

    can you gently massage the neck? could be you have a really bad trigger point or spasm.

    do you have any muscle relaxers?

    hope more people jump in
  6. PainPainGoAway

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    Hi Lady,
    I have trouble in that area too. I use the nikken magnets, and they help me. I put them right on the trigger points. Have you ever tried them? I don't know about other brands, but I've used magnets since 1996.

    My pain management doctor told me it was balony so I stopped using them for awhile...only to discover they DO help. Then the last time I started physical therapy they all were in support of the magnet therapy-- it's by no means a cure, but works while they're on. They're used for muscle pain, arthritis, injuries, and FM pain as well.
    I also use biofreeze gel.

    I have major problems in my spine/neck so I know that's part of the problem...have you had an MRI or X-rays to check for a source? Your muscles might be affected by compressed nerves, etc.
    When all else fails, I resort to pain meds, but I'd rather stick with the magnets! Does anyone else reading this use them ever?
  7. monica33flowers

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    My pain dr. just prescribed a rub on cream with lidocaine, gabapentin, amitriptyline & another drug and this stuff is wonderful.

    I rub it on where I hurt and viola after a few minutes the tightened muscles and the pain is gone.

    Definitely ask your dr. about this cream. This is better than anything else I've ever had.
  8. SkeptikSharon

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    Monica -

    The rub-on cream has gabapentin and amitriptyline in it? Do you know what the name of this cream is? I have never heard of those meds being in any kind of cream form for that kind of use... Interesting...
  9. sixtyslady

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    Isn"t that the truth when your neck hurts it just ruins the whole day.thanks for all the suggestions. I'd like to know the name of the cream the Dr gave you also,if you have it.
    I do have magnets haven"t used them for awhile ,how do you attach them so they stay in place on you neck?
    I have a back belt with magnets in it and I use that for lower back pain.
    so I"ll give them a try on my neck.
    The only thing I"ve been doing different is washing the eggs from my chickens and it hurts to lean over the drain,I"ve had trouble for many years using my arms for peeling veg,s or that type of work.
    have a good day and hope we get some more suggestions. so many of us seem to have this problem. thanks sixtyslady.
  10. monica33flowers

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    The cream was specifically made at a pharmacy. My pain dr. requested this be made into a rub on compound. Gosh, I sure wish I remembered the percentage of each drug. But yes, it does have amitriptyline, gabapentin, lidocaine, and something else that started like keto...... something or other.

    I gotta tell you it is fantastic. Last night my neck and shoulders were in so much pain. I had Randy rub it the cream and within 5 minutes all the pain is gone. And the pain did not return until about 4 hours later. This stuff is awesome.

    Maybe, ask your pain dr. about a compound made of those ingredients and see if they will prescribe it for you. We did have very limited pharmacies that make this cream but the extra mileage was well worth it.
  11. monica33flowers

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    OK, I found the combination of the drugs in my prescribed cream.

    Amtriptyline = 2%
    Gabapentin = 6%
    Keta = 10%
    Lidocaine = 5%

    Write down this combo -- although my pain dr. said you can use any combination for pain control.

    I hope this helps.
  12. downs232

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    I have FM and know what you are going through. This isn't an immediate relief suggestion but if you have any form of private insurance talk to your Dr. about getting a script for a TESI unit. It does electrical stimulation to just about any muscle you want and increases the blood flow to that area. I have been using mine for about two months now and it has made a difference. The good thing is, it isn't a drug and if you are lucky most insurance companies just buy the unit for you since it is cheaper then renting it from the supplier. Just food for thought.
  13. PainPainGoAway

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    Hi Lady,
    I have round magnets (roughly the size of a half dollar coin) that you can purchase sheets of a double sided sticky tape the same size made to attach them directly to the skin. The adhesive doesn't break me out usually and once on, can stay on for up to 5 days, even in the shower! I can even stick them right up in the cervical area under the hairline (make sure no stray hairs, ouch) when I have the tape that goes with them. They come in sheets.

    I'm out of the tape now and bought some bandage tape from the drug store. It's not as effective but they stay on okay for a few hours, better now that it's colder here.

    I used to stick my larger back magnet over the shoulder blade area (under the bra).
    I'm interested in finding out more about those creams, so I'm so glad you asked this question! Who knew there was a topical cream w/ pain meds in it! I'll be sure to ask my pain doctor when I see him next week.
    Hope you find some relief!
  14. sixtyslady

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    thanks Monica I know alot of people are interested in that cream for pain.and Downs232 I've heard of those units ,but right at the moment I have no Ins. but my chiropractor use to use something like that on me and it did help.
    Cindy yes my magnets are about that size so I"ll see if I can find some tape tomorrow at Walmarts. Thanks so much .Hope this post also helps everybody. sixtyslady
  15. ladybugmandy

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    hi all. i have had severe neck and shoulder pain on and off throughout my CFS. at some points, i could not even move my neck.

    i assumed at the time that i had a brain infection but no one was listening to me.

    i still think i have one and am on antivirals therapy through dr. lerner.

    not much improvement yet - sometimes 5% sometimes 20% - but i have been sick a long long i am hoping i will get better with time.

  16. JoFMS

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    Hi Sixtys,

    I wish I had the answer for this one! A strain in my neck was the start of my fibro nearly 6yrs ago and it's still there and is the worst part for me.

    I have just ordered some Qi Gong exercise DVDs for upper back and neck pain so will let you know if they help. They are very flowing movements and I have just started doing some of the general warm ups to it. It's more about focusing on the moves to take your mind off things and how it helps certain parts of your body. I can't get on with yoga - too painful and not my kind of thing but this is great for me.

    I use a few drops of lavendar essential oil mixed with peppermint and eucalyptus oil in with a little almond carrier oil which my husband rubs on my neck - I get a little relief from this.

    I'm def worse when sat at my computer and have got into the habit of trying to listen to my body - the minute it starts getting worse I try to do something else. I switch it off now for 2 hrs at lunch and also from 2.30pm so I'm not tempted to use it.

    I also listen to a relaxation CD when I'm at my worst part of the day which just helps relieve the tension and not be so tight around my shoulders and neck.

    I really hope you find something - neck pain is really horrible. I actually find sitting in the sun helps also. I'm much worse in cold or humid weather.

    I guess you already take lots of magnesium & malic acid? I find mine is worse when I don't take these.

    My neck always feels very crunchy - if I do a head roll then it just crunches like mad!

    I also press the 2 points on the back of my head at the top of my neck - they always feel like there is a big build up of fluid when my neck or head hurt. I find if i press and hold these for maybe 10 seconds and then release then it helps with congestion too - or get someone to do it for you if you cant press firm enough.

  17. sixtyslady

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    just checking the post thanks everyone for the input, my hubby and I put my heated mattress pad on my bed yesterday and it seemed to give me some relief last nite, because I get extremely hot when I"m sleeping I can only turn it on and warm up my bed before I get in it.
    then toward morning I"ll turn it on for a few minutes and then shut it off again.
    I know what you mean Jofms,my neck is very crunchy also,
    I went through this last fall so I"m thinking it has something to do with the weather getting colder, we had snow flurries yesterday, but I have to get outdoors in the winter or I battle with depression.
    I also wake up so early in the winter months,so I try to plan to do things early in the morning,catch up on bills or read a article I want to read in a magazine. well I"m off to collect my eggs,from my happy little hens. have to put my gloves on now. have a great day guys. sixtyslady
  18. monica33flowers

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    If you have a good reltionship with your dr. just call and tell him your predictment and maybe he would prescribe the cream without an office visit.

    My insurance did cover the cream but it is a fairly large bottle and a little goes a really long way. Maybe, ask if your dr. would prescribe the cream for some relief. I think the receipt said normally would have been $40 without my co-pay.

    My neck pops and grinds all the time but I have 5 bulging discs and several bone spurs. Plus this past summer I underwent a disc fusion at the C4 & C5 level.

    I sure wish you lived closer. I would have you come over and I would let you borrow some of this cream. It really is a godsend for the fibro pain.
  19. MsBrandywine

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    I go thru the same thing.... Plus I was in two auto accidents within the past year.
    It stiffens up alot too and then I feel like my balance goes haywire.
    I also try to do a few exercises that the PT showed me from therapy from the accident.. That helps a wee bit..

    I cant take alot of pain medication so have to try to deal with it.. with the heat.. ( which I use a heated mattress pad) which doesnt really help the neck but its very soothing.. I turn it on to get it nice and warm then I shut it off or leave it on #1.. the rest of the night..

    I know if you are in the North East as I am.. and lots of others.. this weather sure isnt helping. I went for my Mammogram this morning so thats flared up too around my ribs and under my arms.. I thought the girl was very rough with me. At least the results were normal..
    I took Motrin before I left. took more when I got home but cant take many of them due to the stomach issues that come with taking that..
    I sure hope you can get some relief.. I feel for you for I know how it feels..
    Sending healing hugs,
  20. sixtyslady

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    Hi guys ,
    had to get up have a headache from my neck pain,Moncia wish we where closer too,sure could use some of that cream,right now.
    znnewby,sorry you could"t get any cream made up for you.
    Debbi,sounds like your alot like the rest of us.I found some lavender espon salts I"m going to get in the tub and see if that will help relax my muscle.also got some tape to try my magnets on my shoulder.
    Mammograms.the first 3 I had were no big deal but the last one I had was terrible left my ribs and under arms so sore I could hardly stand it,I haven"t had one for 4yrs now,I pretty much stay away from DR,s I just feel worse after I go to them. I have my own b/p meter and I check that
    I have the cholestrol checked at the health fairs.and my daughter checks my blood sugar with here meter. and I buy stool thats how I get along with out Insurance.I have 1more yr before I can go on Medacare. have a good day.sixtyslady