Pain in shoulder, ear and head

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by vbrown, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. vbrown

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    Does anyone with fibro have this kind of pain? I have it a lot. Sometimes I also have a stuffy nose. It's always on the left side, runs up my shoulder, in my left ear and up to my head and sinus? I know it sounds crazy, but with all the other fibro things I have going on just thought I would see if anyone else goes throught this???
  2. Francey54

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    Yes, I have alot of soulder pain, ear pain, head pain and a stuffy nose, but mine is on the right side. I didn't think it was FM related but apparently it is!

    Isn't it just awful?? It is very very bothersome, painful and uncomfortable, this besides everything else we have.

    Will be praying for us to get better.

  3. Shirl

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    Yes, I do get those insane pains, the stuffed up sinuses too. Right now my right ear feels like it has fluid in it.

    Mine can be on either side, not just one.

    I sleep with a warm mist vaporizer with peroxide in it for the stuffed sinuses, mine are worst in the morning, but the vaporizer does help. Also those 'Breathe Right' nose strips help too.

    Did you ask your doctor about this? not that I get much help in that department, but just thought I would ask you anyway :)

    Hope you are feeling better soon.......

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. Shirl

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    I have been around everyday, just not posting :) I am not always 'talkative' :)

    I am quite flattered that Shirley was your Mom's name. Thanks for the compliment. I have never liked it very much, and have always liked Shirl better.

    Hope you are feeling better soon, I sure know what you are talking about with the allergies. They can make life very miserable.

    Lets hope the new doctors help you. Good luck with them.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. june-bug

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    My biggest complaint is the shoulder (mostly left but both sides get it) in the ear, head and sinus. The tender points at the base of my skull have something to do with them to because when I press them it radiates the pain radiates right to the inner corner of the eye and maxillary sinus area. It feels like the nerves are throbbing and hot in that area Its the worst, worst, worst!!! June-Bug
  6. Bruin63

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    Mine is caused by Mastoiditis, on the right side, and my ear plugs up when I am sick, like I am now.
    I take Zithromax for that, which help's some.

    I also have CMPD and if you check out the Trigger Point, called the SCM, it also produces pain thoughtout the are you are describing.
    Check out, Devin Starlanyl's website, and also her book has some great information on the CMPD & FMS.
    There are Diagrams also.

    Sorry your suffering with this, mine started because I was hanging out with my little GD, on SUnday, and didn't know she had a Virus.
    Then I also watched her, for a day, but yesterday I had to say no, and I felt so useless.

    I should be able to take care of a sick child so her Foster Mom can go to work, instead I get sick and end up in bed. Grr. I Hate these dd's.

    Sorry to vent on your post, but my Ear is killing me, Yikes!
    Hope yours is better, if not, try to see an ENT Dr.
    I had an MRI of the Head and that is how they found the Mastoiditis.
    But at least I now know why, I was getting that Inner ear pain and it plugging up so much.
    Also my Sinus are affected by it.

    Hope Your Feeling better,
  7. razorqueen

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    usually stuffy in the mornings, and headaches and extremely tight shoulders and neck , throat mucsles. It is usually on my right side, but the pain in my neck should and back veries.
  8. Kourysgranny

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    I have had this off and on for a few years. Doctor always says, "ears are clear, everything looks fine" and I hurt!! I'm sooooo glad to see others with this exact same thing. This DD makes you crazy over all the "quirks" you have. You never know for sure whether to worry or not! I was really starting to freak out!! This last episode has lasted an entire month!! Thank you all for sharing. I feel GREATLY relieved!!