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  1. stinker56

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    I was just wondering if anyone else experiences pain in their breasts and in the armpits after doing any physical activity. I cleaned out my closet and now I am experiencing pain mostly in the right side. I have checked to see if there are any lumps and I don't feel anything but I do have pain here. I had a mammagram this year and everything was okay. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had pain in this area of if this is just another part of FMS pain.
  2. Pennygirl2

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    Hi stinker,

    Yup, I would say that is FM pain. Tender points right about there on both sides. they are usually my first to indicate pain is coming. You know all the different tender and triggor points (if you have myofascial pain) I am sure. I wouldn't worry but it hurts, huh?
    Hugs, Penny
  3. Redwillow

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    Hi Stinker
    I have had similar problems. I used to get large swollen lumps in my armpits. I kept going to the doctor to have them checked out. I was worried about cancer. He said they were swollen glands and at first suggested that they were part of my menstral cycle. At least they weren't cancer. Later when I read that CFS can have swollen glands I put it down to that.

    Recently I asked my rheumy about the same problem. She said they weren't swollen glands but pulled muscles. Now I am thinking maybe when I lift things or do work over my head that I pull muscles in my arm pits???? You know how we get really tight muscles that don't want to release. I have actually felt my muscles tearing in my hips or back when I overdo, so why not your arm pits....

    I hope this is of help to you. If you are worried I would get your doctor to check them out.

    I just know for myself I can't do any upper body exercise or I get really bad migraines and muscle spasms. Maybe MPS??

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)
  4. stinker56

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    I really appreciate your input. It does ease my mind to know that others have the same problem when using their arms. I just remembered that I did painting the first of the week too and was painting the ceiling using my arms over my head. I guess the fog has taken over again in remembering things.
    I took a pain pill earlier and it has eased off.
    Once again, thanks for helping. I know I can always get an honest answer here on this board.
  5. tammy21

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    It is so good to read other people have the same problem at least I can be reasured it is just this DD.
  6. tiasnana

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    I get this all the time, sometimes have it when I wake up. I'm so lucky that my GP is so understanding, even admitted he knew nothing about Fibro so sent me to a Rhuemy. Although there are no lumps present, he sends me for a mammogram at least once a year to make sure. I really notice it if I wear a certain bra. It's the same size and fit as the others I have, but for some reason it affects me this way, so I threw it out.
    It may just be fibro, or a pulled muscle, but be sure to do a self exam and make sure there are no lumps. If it persists or worries you, please talk to you doctor and have him/her exam it also.
    I know how much this hurts and how uncomfortable it makes you. Some times I can hardly stand to even have a night shirt touch those areas, can't wear a bra so can't leave the house.
    I guess all I can do is send you a big cyperhug and hope you feel better.
  7. stinker56

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    I do self exams but I have what they call "lumpy" breasts so it is hard to tell if there is anything or not but I do have my GP do a breast exam once a year and I always have a mammagram and have for the past ten years. My pain in the breast area is better today but the pain in between my shoulder blades.
    I know what you mean about wearing a bra. Sometimes it is just too painful but sometimes...I can't even sleep without one. I wear sports bras a lot that aren't too confining but give you some support too. I haven't had to sleep in one in a long time and hope I don't ever have to again. It is bad enough to wear one in the daytime.
    Thanks for responding.
  8. Redwillow

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    I am glad you are feeling a little better. I am new here so just learning how to follow all the threads.

    Having FM is certainly hard to get any rest. Between the pain and the sleep disturbances and then worrying about a new place that hurts.

    I will just figure out through my fibro fog "oh ya I did this and this and that is why I hurt there" and a new sore spot arrives.

    I know I tend to be clumsy so I often have new bruises where I banged my hips going around a corner, bumped my elbow on the door jam or pulled a muscle from stumbling.

    What makes it worse is the pain often shows up 2 days later.

    I don't know about you but I have a hard time remembering what I did this morning without trying to figure out what happened 2 days ago.

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)
  9. 1nixon4u

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    Yes I have this all the time and yes it worsens with repetion of moving arms any leght of time. But at any time if i barely apply and pressure under arms toward sides of breast it is ALWAYS painful and it is some of the trigger points that we have. I too was very scared about maybe lumps but that was not the case. I was told approx. 4 -5 years ago I had fibro and payed no attention to it and back then I remember experienceing that type pain but it all kicked in 2 years ago and now I am totally disable. My heart goes out to all of you who have fibro, it is a very horrible dragon that literally takes over your body no matter how hard you fight it. and ones who don't have fibro,cfs,rls,ibs,nueropathy, and the list goes on as we all know..God bless all
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