Pain in the butt (& legs)

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    Not sure what is going on here but sitting or laying for longer than 15 minutes is quite an embaressment!!! I feel and look like Im 90 yrs old!!! Once I stand and start moving I go back to normal, I get this pain in my butt//legs and like freeze up?? Laying at night is a killer and I have to go one side to the other very uncomfortable and restless. Its not my joints like just my skin hurts I guess muscle?? Not like a workout type of pain though> HELP!!!!
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    I don't know if this will help you at all. My mattress last year finally had 3 springs come through it, so I went around checking for mattresses (didn't want any bed that would be electric) and I changed my mattresses from inner springs to an Embody and it has been incredible for all the injuries to my back and the nerve pain that was going from the back down the one leg. It used to be that I couldn't sleep on my back, and now I can.

    When on my back in bed, I use pillows under my knees (about 3) and it supports my hips and back and it feels good.

    When I am on my side in bed, i still use lots of pillows between my legs so that my legs are apart and not together and it is comfortable.
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    Actually I have a sleep # bed with memory foam, I tried it low and I tried it high?! either way any pressure on either side for 10 min or so either side or on my back- I think its the pressure of laying on either side. I weigh about 135 so its not alot of weight (although Im always trying to lose) So I mostly lay on my stomach, and yes I use LOTS of pillows- The whole thing is just weird!!
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    If this is the case it's extremely tedious to fix/cure. Use the information posted here to identify and "maybe" fix it. The maybe is dependent on cause and time/effort applied.