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    I just discovered to my surprise that I have a decalified thyroid. My xray shows that I have a couple of degenerative disks in my neck. I also have a bone spur resting on my thyroid gland. So I have pain in my neck constantly. My chiro said that if your thyroid is not doing it's job you can have more widespread fibro pain.

    I go to my family Doc next week for the TSH text. Has anyone been diagnosed with this problem, if so, what did you do?

    Thank You Babs60 (pain in the Neck)
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    Yes ... I have been suffering with the neck issue for several years now and my spine is now being affected. Another person I know has it also and he was told that they could do surgery BUT if surgery did not go well he could be paralyzed (sp) for life!!!!!!!!!! Another woman with the neck spur had the sugery and her vocal chords were damaged during the surgery. So I think I will tolerate the pain (as is the man that was told he could end up paralyzed). The lady with the damaged vocal chords is having some kind of injections to cushion discs now. It is a tough call. I constantly have pain (like omeone has hit me in the back of the skull/neck with a baseball bat) and I am missing a lot of work. I don't know if this is related to the fibro but I think it is odd that other fibroites mention this pain. I use heat and cold and take meds. :-( Good luck to you.

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