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  1. Elbryan

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    I was wondering if anyone else has had trouble with there neck. Mine has been feeling stiff and sore for no reason lately. The other day my son put a stuffed animal on my head to balance it. The thing felt like it weighed 50 lbs. I use a special pillow to keep me aligned so dont think that the way i sleep is doing it. Hope someone out there can help.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. catgal

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    Hello elbryan~~For seven years I have had pain in my neck area with the 'hump' often becoming hot, swelling up, and very tender to the touch. And there is a hard, pinching feeling right to the left of the hump. My neck feels stiff, mobility becomes limited, and it is very painful.

    I didn't know what was causing mine for several years, but I had it x-rayed, and the doctor told me I had rheumatoid arthritis in it. Two weeks ago, I went to a Pain Specialist, and he told me I also have nerve damage from my neck, down my spine, to my feet--and that "pinching" feeling I get in my neck is from nerve damage.

    I've had FM/CFS for 35 years and was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease two years ago.

    Along with narcotic pain relievers, I had been taking Celebrex which was worthless to me, but changed to Bextra last month, and it has really helped. Major difference. My neck pain flares have been reduced by more than half--also the stiffness, lack of mobility, and swelling.

    You will have to see a physician and probably get an x-ray to determine what is wrong with your neck--especially if it is a continual problem.

    Others will be along shortly and perhaps can be of more help. Prior to getting my neck diagnosed, I used Tiger Balm and ThermaCare Therapeutic HeatWraps on it (portable heat patches that stick to your skin and offer heat like a heating pad for 8 hours). For whatever reasons, the pain pills did not help the pain in my neck, and the only real relief I would get was to go and lay down flat on my bed for an hour or so.

    Have it checked out and find out what is causing the problem. Hope you are feeling better soon. Best Wishes, Carol....
  3. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Elbryan:

    I can certainly relate to the neck problems you are having. In fact, my neck was one of the first places I started having pain and stiffness and it was several years before I finally got my fibro diagnosis. I don't really have any solution for you-I wish there was one. My neck is sore and stiff most of the time. When I go to bed, I put an ice pack on the back of my neck and my back. It helps numb the area and helps me get to sleep. I recently got a massager and have used that on this area, which feels good.

    My fibro specialist showed me some stretching exercises, which help some, but of course it doesn't last. Maybe someone else will be more of a help than I was.

  4. Elbryan

    Elbryan New Member

    I noticed at the same time that my neck started hurting that sometimes when I chew food that my jaw seems tired, not sure if these 2 items are together but wanted to add this and see if anyone has had this also.

    Thanks for the answers above much appreciated.
  5. coyote

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    almost all the time. Some days better, some days worse. I think this can go along w/ Fibro. I have 3 fused vertebrae in my neck also.
    I have had that tired jaw feeling, and have thought it is one of the most curious things about this fibro. It's hard to believe i'm too tired to chew!
  6. Elbryan

    Elbryan New Member

    The pain generates up into my head almost like a headache. Do any of you take anything specific for the pain?
  7. joannie1

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    My CHiro said it is because my neck muscles tense up so bad and then atrophy all the sudden and it causes me constant pain 24/7. I have headaches every day and some turn into severe migraines. I take muscle relaxers and ibuprofen for it. and darveset when it is really bad. That is all I can give you on what may cause it. Hope it helps.
    Take care,
  8. drjbreck

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    Swollen glands, sometimes you can't feel them. they are throughout your neck area and shoulder. very common in CFS/FMS. Probably caused by high cortisol. Defintely immune dysfunction.
  9. Myst

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    My pain specialist called my neck pain Chronic Myofascial pain.He says it goes along with my FMS. He had heat treatment,stretches,&told me to use a heat pad for at home. My jaw pain was called TMJ.U might be able to find more on a search engine. GOD Bless!
  10. SCARLETT415

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    After 2 car accidents in one year and two surgeries for fusions from C-2 to C7, I feel like I have tried everything for the pain/stiffness. I have been on various pain meds that didn't do a thing, PT, exercises, etc. My pain specialist finally told me to just take it easy on muscle relaxers for a few months. I take fiorcet and zanaflex 3 times a day, 6 hrs. apart. Then I tried PT again first of Nov. at a different wellness center. These gals are wonderful. We start out each session with 15 min. laying on moist heat for the back, neck and shoulders. Then neck stretches, bands that I pull, wall exercises and hand weights and then they ice me for 15 min. All of these methods started out very slow and new things added every week or so. I was never sore afterward, which was totally amazing to me as I was sore after running the vaccuum prior. I still have a couple more sessions until I graduate. I also do them at home (only I have very small heat and ice bags, darn!) I have also learned how to breathe, which they taught me I was doing it wrong. Helps VERY much with stress which pulls on your neck muscles. I guess my point is, ask your Dr. first, but you might try some gentle stretches, a little at a time. Warm your neck first. Sorry this is so long but I get carried away with neck problems. I am also diagnosed Chronic Myofacial Pain and TMJ. Guess alot of us have are diagnosed with a long lists.


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  11. Elbryan

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    I will some of what was posted and see if it helps..Thanks for the help.
  12. Julygal

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    This is another malady of FMS,MFS,& CFIDS I fear. I have had pain in my neck for yrs. but this soreness has been unlike anything before. It's not a crick in my neck,etc. I use heat,& take Orudis for the osteoarthritis.But the soreness has just persisted.I also take Soma & Lortab every day.Some think that NOTHING should hurt with this regime! Ha! WE WISH!
    ONE THING I WANT TO SHARE WITH EVERYONE...a friend of mine took a kitchen dish towel & sewed up the sides & one end. She filled the towel with non-popping corn (you can also use rice) & stitched up the other end. She told me to put this in the microwave for about 5 mins. I've tried this on my neck & it gives moist heat that feels good temporarily. This filled towel can also be used on other areas that ache, such as when I had bursitis in my arm.
    Thank God we can share with each other. It's the best support group I've found, outside of family. I appreciate everyone & hope to be an encourager myself.
    Love & prayers to all,
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  13. Kittykat

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    I started with the neck, and they thought I just had Tention headach and then it progressed throught my can get really bad sometimes I know!
    I am taking a stress medican and using the Thermocare neck and it does work, untill you take it off!
    Good luck