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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cara-Sue, May 2, 2003.

  1. Cara-Sue

    Cara-Sue New Member

    i have this pain in the middle of my neck,right in the back.i have had it off and on now for along time.nothing helps to relieve it.is this fm pain or something else?

    i went to the dr's and he put me on blood thinners for awhile but i feel uncomfortable taking them all the time and i'm not sure if they did work.

    if you have this kind of pain,what do you do to relieve it and is it part of fm?i also get a whooshing sound in my right ear with it.
    thanks for the reply
  2. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    I'm sorry you're in so much pain! I too, had a bad "pain in the neck". In my case it was from my work station at work. I ended up in physical therapy. I had about 8 sessions. The PT gave me exercises to do at home and it really helped. I also finally got them to move me to a different work station. I'm feeling much better now. Why did the dr. put you on blood thinners? Also, I don't know about the ear thing. But if the pain persists talk to your dr. about referring you for physical therapy - it helped me immensely! Hope you feel better soon!!!!

  3. Cara-Sue

    Cara-Sue New Member

    dr sent me for physio twice for this problem but it keeps coming back.my dr figured them to be migrains so put me on blood thinners.i dont know if they worked or not,they did help but i dont take them al the time.i dont like taking things like that all the time.this pain doesnt feel like the nerve ending pain ect.i wonder if it's myfacial pain?
    thanks for replying,and i hope you are well