Pain in the sides of the butt/hip area?

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  1. OMG it hurts so bad, I don't know if this is fibro or what the heck. I figure it must be a muscle pain. It hurts to walk, lay down, etc. Anyone else have it? I am so tired of PAIN!
  2. optimistic1

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    Just got up because I can't sleep. I have pain in just these areas---buttocks and hips. Its so intense right now and I know just how you feel. We can't get comfortable whether we are laying down, sitting, and walking is almost impossible. Yes, I have this too. Wouldn't it be great if we had a painfree day now and then? Maybe someday.........
    Good luck to you,
    Arlene <br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 06/10/2006</i>]
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    I have hip pain ALOT!I am not sure whether mine is FM or arthritis.

  4. That is why I have trouble sleeping because of the side of the butt/hip pain. Don't you just wish you would wake up one day and the pain would be gone forever! I don't know how I would act living life with no pain. I use a moist heating pad when it gets unbearable. What do you do for it? Nothing really helps so far.
  5. Marta608

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    I began 11 years ago with CFS but now that I've added FM I'm speeding rapidly along so.....

    Sorry to have to tell you this, but that's a trigger point area. I hit the ceiling when the PA pressed on them at the doctor's office this past week. I've had it off and on for weeks, no, months!

    Unfortunately my chiro is in Aruba because for me chiropractic is very helpful for this for a period of time. Not a cure-all though.

    Good luck. I know how bad it hurts.

  6. lvjesus

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    Mine started in my right hip (saddle bag) and unfortunately that is the side I sleep on. I would start out on my left side but turn back in the middle of the night and the pain would wake me up.

    Now it is in both sides. Lose/lose situation. Now I try to sleep mostly on my stomach.
  7. Mikie

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    In fact, that was the very first place I had significant pain in my 20's. No one knew then what it was.

    Love, Mikie
  8. caroleye

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    My current episode started from pulling weeds; something I've never been interested in doing during my long life.

    Ended up pulling my back/hip out of whack; ended up at the chiropractor 3x. Now just keep myself in a back brace, and watch bending, twisting; even getting into a car.

    Once my inflammation is there, takes forever to heal, but that's a Lupus scenerio as well as Fibro. Going on my 6th week, and it's much better, but still "sore" vs sharp pains.

    Pain, pain everywhere!! Grrrrrrrr

  9. twitcher

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    I have continuous pain in butt cheek/hip area. Left side is the worst. I also have severe pain in shoulder blade area. Again, left side is worse. I get numbness down the side of the left leg too and it drags during flares of fibro or whatever I have. This pain never, ever goes away but does vary in intensity.
  10. Kimba4318

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    I have it mostly on the left side - radiates down my leg - counstant pressure and pain in lower left butt & all across bottom of my back and in my hip (more on left side too). You can also feel these huge knots where it stems from, however they are too excructiatingly painful to even rub out.

    The pain management doc gave me on injection (lidacaine (sp) and cortisone (i beleive), in one of the knots and it has given me some relief. I think I will get more done in the other "knots".

    Heat does not seem to help, nothing but the pain meds and that past shot have brought on any relief. It has eased up a bit after the injection.
    Good luck - I know it is awful!
    :) Kim
  11. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    Its a common sore spot for me too. I've found hard massage w// the heel of my palm helps work out the painful knots. It hurts a bit, but seems to loosen it up and helps in the long run.

    Using a topical painreliever can help tons too. I use arnica gel or Traumeel cream for acute sore spots. Works so fast, but only lasts an hour, sometimes more. When the pain gets too widespread its time to reach for the narcotics, but the topicals cut down my narcotic use a bit, and also top it up when I'm biting bullets waiting for them to kick in, since topicals works so amazingly quick. They are also great for morning stiffness. I can't take narcotics until about mid afternoon or I feel horrible, have to be good and awake, but topicals don't cause nausea like narcs can.

  12. caroleye

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    Yes, arnica gel is great, along w/massaging the trigger pain points. I also put spot magnets on those hot spots. They work as well as anything.

    For sciatica, I found a chinese herb that helps alot. It's by Plumflower & called "Solitary Hermit". You can find it on line under their web.

  13. dkdwwd

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    Mine seems to all be down the right side but the same pain as you both are describing. In fact it'gotten to the point where the whole right side of my body has been numb on the surface but twitching and burning. It's so deep in the mucles nothing seems to help. the topical creams ease the surface pain and the massage helps if I could have it everyday for the rest of my life. you know what I mean? Does anyone have problems with a supportive spouse? just curious.

  14. CockatooMom

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    Oh sweetie, I feel your pain!!!

    I was actually diagnosed first with bursitis in both hips, then FM. So, it could be either or both.

    Sometimes my hips feel so tight they could pop!
    They are extremely painful, EVERYDAY, morning till night!

    Stay strong!
    Gentle Hugs,

  15. nanna4550

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    In a book I have, "Prescription for nutritional healing", it lists the eighteen specific spots where the muscles are abnormally tender to the touch.

    I know, your hip pain is very painful and not just to the touch, but radiating to the bone it feels like. Almost feels like tendonitis of the hip, doesn't it"

    I walked around the house with a cane and didn't walk unless necessary and one day it just went away (phew!!) It took a few weeks.

    Anyway, in case you are interested the tender spots are

    *around the lower vertebra of the neck
    *at the insertion of the second rib
    *around the upper part of the thigh bone
    *in the middle of the knee joint
    *in muscles connected to the base of the skull
    *in muscles of the neck and upper back
    *in muscles of the mid-back
    *on the side of the elbow
    *in the upper and outer muscles of the buttocks.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  16. wyattsmom

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    They are my most painful trigger points...they hurt so bad they radiate down my leg...I can't find anything that helps them, any ideas?
  17. IlivetocantoronXena

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    with my many years of this type of pain, to me it sounds like it is your bursa. They have injections that many help you with the pain.
    Blessings Michelle
  18. GwenGlo

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    ...reaching to my side (forget the back) to massage anything.

    The excrutiating pain it would cause in my shoulders/upper arms almost makes me faint just thinking about it.

    It really helped me to know about the butt pain. I about thought I was going crazy.

    Everyone I mentioned it to thought I already was.

    Thanks everyone for the input.

  19. JewelRA

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    This is where the worst of my pain is. I do have some arthritis of my sacroiliac joints and also had sacral insufficiency fractures on both sides. But the pain now is "just" the fibro, and it is still very intense.

    I wish I could advise you, but I can't really find relief either. Sitting, laying down, walking, standing - it's all bad! LOL. But Ultram ER is helping to keep the worst of it at bay the last few days.
  20. twitcher

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    My husband wasn't too supportive at first. He's gotten much better though.

    I find, it's better to not complain too much. It stresses him out. Men like to fix things and when they can't they get frustrated.