Pain in the sides of the butt/hip area?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrobutterfly, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Is it prescription or over the counter?
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    Both are available at most health food stores.


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    I also for the past 3 days am having hip/butt pain on the right side I have (and most people do) one leg a little bit shorter than the other. Mine's on my right side and when I walk/exercise without a lift in the right shoe it throws my whole right side out of wack. My chiropractor explained all this to me.Because I've not been wearing the lift and have been walking up hill in my effort to exercise I have wacked out my alinement on the right side and developed bursitis in my hip): it is painful!!! The treatment is rest and ice the area 3-4x a day untill the pain is gone.
  4. fibrobutterfly i also have that butt/hip fibro pain.its very intense isnt it,and yes it hurts to walk and lay down.

    i must say that, thinking back to when i first noticed something was wrong with me,i had the most severe pain in my woke up one morning and couldnt move a muscle.that was 12 years ago.

    my husband helped me to a sitting position and i just cried out with the pain,and might i add,im a strong person,well was strong willed before this syndrome attacked back then i hardly ever cried.

    but cry i did.eventually the buttock pain eased and i believe it was due to me taking amitripyline 3x 50mg tablets at night.

    over the years my amitripyline dose has been reduced by my doctor,and im now just taking 1x 50mg tablet at 5pm each night.but that horrible hip pain is with me all the time,and the butt pain still there,but at least i can sit on my buttocks without crying out in pain.

    im certain this pain is to do with our fibromyalgia,and my rheumy said it is too.

    i know you will be sick of hearing this,i know i am.but we have to pace ourselves,take rests between walks and such.i just feel like a middle aged woman trapped inside the body of a 90 year old woman.its so unfair isnt it.

    try to be isnt easy coping with this daily pain i know.but you arent alone sweetheart.lets keep hoping that very soon that special person will come along with pain relief that works for us sufferers,or....even a cure.

    kind regards
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    I too have severe hip joint pain been diagnosed with bursitis, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis in addition to the great diagnosis of fibromyalgia.

    I dont stand straight for hours after I am out of my bed, some days I cannot get out of bed without pain so bad I am crying out and saying words no one should have to hear.

    My poor sweet husband knows what I need to do and that is get up so the muscle spasms do not get too severe because once they start I am a goner and only a good pain killer will work on that.

    I have to pace myself on any amount of walking and at any time most times between 10-20 minutes I will be on the ground from pain in my hips.
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    OH YES!!! Very, Very bad; had this long before dx with FM. It's very sore to the touch. I was beginning to think it was something else but not sure. Just a little press with the finger; very sore.

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    The really big grocers often have a health section full of supplements and special foods, and that's where I get my arnica, cheaper than the health store too.

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    That is my newest pain, hips/sides of butt etc. Hurts so bad sometimes I can hardly walk. I just figured it was the FM moving around.
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    Does it go down the back of your leg also? i had pain for awhile in my hip, and the top of my butt, shooting down my leg and my acupunturist worked with me for it and it resolved. I think it was sciatic nerve pain.
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    Same pain as many of you - mostly left side - hips, buttocks and radiating down the leg. Also in the muscles of that side of the lower back and sides, even going into the 'ilio psoas' in the front near the 'groin'. Often I can't walk without wincing at every step, and have a very low tolerance to any activity.

    I've tried myofascial release of trigger points - there are so many bad trigger points, I'd be at it all day - it's helped somewhat, but not the answer. I might try injections, but how to choose among so many trigger points?

    Does anyone have numbness on the skin of the side of thigh and knee (meralgia parasthetica) itching & burning and shooting nerve sensations underneath?
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    I have this too. I also have had many sleepless nights because I just can't get comfortable. Then once I do the pain starts in that hip or in the butt area so I have to switch sides.
    My doctor prescribed Lidocaine patches, and it has worked wonders for me.

    so sorry to hear you are in so much pain.

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    I have really bad triggers along the upper buttocks, at the base of the lumbar spine.

    However, I would get this intense,huge pain and trigger in the middle of the buttock. It hurt like crazy.

    The physical therapists and I worked on it and it would help a little.

    Then, I mentioned it to my pain guy, and he injected the pyriformis muscle, which is the deepest muscle of the buttocks, under flouroscopy, so they are sure they are in the right place, and boom, the trigger was gone.

    Never such sweet relief in my life.

    Absolutely gone.

    Unfortunately, the upper ones are always going to be there to some degree or another.

    One good way to get a little relief is the ice and press. Fill the throw away foam cups with water and freeze. Then peel and remove the upper third. Rub the ice over the offending areas, and then have your friend, family, loved one rub over the area, deeply with a tennis ball. Frankly, I need a baseball, myself, and this relieves the pressure, sometimes, while it is numb.

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    I have an area that is numb on the inside of my left thigh that also itches and burns. I know that is nerve pain.

    Hubby used to say, "how can it itch AND be numb"? Then he started having some nerve pain from his back and has a spot like it too.

    Question answered!
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    done on this part of my body as well as my shoulders, neck, upper back and lower back. I go once a week for a one hour session to a massage therapist who is trained in trigger point massage for Fibro patients.

  15. I almost didn't post this thread, I had no idea so many were suffering with this darn pain. I go to the rheumatologist and am going to ask him what the heck causes this, fibro, muscle, being overweight or what the heck! All I know is it wakes me up in the nightime, and I end up having to get up because I can't sleep! UGH!

    HayleyCole ,I am interested in this double head massager from Walmart, did your dr. recommend it or?

    Thanks for all your replies.
  16. He gave me injections and said yes it is fibromyalgia . I hope the injections help me as much as they have in the past.
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    My rheumatologist says it's sciatica and periformis syndrome(however you spell it) all I know is that my but hurts so much. My left side is worst.I also got a shot of lidacain wich helped. Still have problems sitting and walking.It is so painful that sometimes I feel I have something in there beacuse it burns really bad. So is it fibro or sciatica?

    What ever it is,it sure is painful!!!!
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    Me too,Thankful for Ultram ER its keeping the worse burning in my hips at bay. I'm using patches on my butt both sides (Lidoderm) every night and soma plus my hot tub! With all this help I can walk but bending is not good. The weather change flared my pain level though the roof. Plus my Mom's COPD is getting worse and that is a big stresser for me. My pain is = on both sides of my body, down both arms and legs. Both feet always hurt top and bottoms but I'm ALIVE.... FM pain because its =?????
    Take care all,
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  19. Both sides are killing me, unreal05 my rheum. says its fibro. His injections usually work, but this time he did them in a different place and OMG I can barely walk or sit or lay down. Its deep in the muscles. The nerves must be screaming.

    Is a moist heating pad good for it?

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    I have bursitis in my hips. It kills. I have had multiple corisone injections, but the pain came back after several months. A lot of people get good relief from the injections though. A have had a few people tell me to be sure and get all 3 injections. Just found a PT who said my bursitis stems from something called piriformis syndrome. He is giving me stretches, icing. Easy recommendations included:
    1. do not sit with legs crossed
    2. if possible, sleep on back. If not possible, at least put a pillow between your legs to avoid stretching the piriformis muscle.

    I thought stretching the piriformis would be helpful, but he said it is helpful only when doing a stretching exercise for 20-30 seconds. If the piriformis is stretched for a longer period of time, it gets irritated.

    Hope that helps. At least something to ask the doc about.