Pain in the sides of the butt/hip area?

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    The same pain as most are discribing above,
    every step I take causesExcurating Pain,,,,,
    the kind that makes me just tremble, & So tired.
    It is just awful, & it started about 2 years ago,
    It seems to come & go...but it lasts for over a week.
    Pain meds don't seem to help much.
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    I've been having the same pain. It was to the point that my leg felt like it was about to collapse. The chiropractor has been adjusting my hips, but not before having me lie on my hip bones on these triangular shaped blocks with ice on my back.

    I did it myself today - cut a yoga brick into 2 triangles and placed them under my hip bones for 7 minutes with ice on my coccyx. He told me to walk on level surface 10-20 minutes every day to keep the joints lubricated and to try to stretch.

    I actually aggravated this in a yoga class, so I'm scared to go back for a while. There was no warning, just a sharp twinge in both hips.

    Lidocaine patches are helping, but I'm going to see if my rhematologist will give me a shot for more relief.

    Good luck to all of us.

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    I suffer a lot of pain in the right knee(back of), thigh, hip and buttock, I also have pain in the lisk area just now which makes my leg give way when I 1st stand and walk(its so weired). I also suffer from pain in the lumber region, between the shoulder blades, right shoulder joint, the rib cage on the right,(just now its the 3 bottom ribs at the front), mid area of the back too. The neck area is another sore place, both were the skull joins the neck and the area were the neck joins the shoulders. Recently I have been suffering a lot of pain in my feet more so upon waking, is this another ares were fibro pain is found? :S
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    Oh my gosh, I can certainly relate to this.

    I thought it was just my trigger points but when I went to the Rheumatologist she said that yes some of this pain is from the trigger points but also bursitus.

    She said that many women get this because of childbirth.

    She gave me a half dose of cortisol (?) which really helped and for a while, about two weeks, even the pain in my body.

    Right now I just got up after a restless night's sleep beccause of this. Right now I think it is the trigger points.

    What I can not understand is how your actual butt can hurt. Isn't it mostly fat. I know mine is, LOL!!

    But this pain does not radiate down my legs.

    My pain is worse on my left side.


  5. Wow I didn't realize so many had this problem, it can REALLY hurt, especially at night laying on your side. OMG! Let alone trying to walk, the lyrica helps somewhat.
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    I have the same problem. Don't know if it is fm, ra or from my disc damage in my back or whatever. I can sometimes get temporary relief in be by wrapping 2 heating pads long wise and wrapping them around my lower back and hip on a low heat. The other thing is if I lie on my side and I lean into a pillow pushed against my back it gives so relief. Don't know if that helps or not.
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    I know this sounds ridiculous, but I have had the same pain for years. I was afraid to exercise my butt/hip muscles because I thought it would make it worse. My P.T. said that because my muscles are weak, they are fatiguing and becoming sore because I am not using the gluteus medius muscles.

    I started doing simple exercises with a theraband, and I'm telling you the pain in my butt/hips has decreased almost immediately.

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    You have already heard my suggestion, but this is for others who haven't heard about the SI joint-- or sacroiliac joint dysfunction or sacroiliits-- joint inflammation.

    This could be causing some of the trigger points.

    Please google Richard DonTigny.

    He will explain a lot.

    When I first came on the board, I posted about this back/butt/hip/tailbone pain.

    The SI joint runs diagnoally across the butt. That is why it hurts there so much-- many who have the pain say it feels like an "icepick" is constantly stabbing them there.

    It is not like normal fibro pain. This is intense and can be treated!

    You can look up my old post on it, and tons of people said, Yes, I hurt here, too.

    SI joint pain is considered one of the signs of fibro. I think that is because some of us have weakened connective tissue, as well as the strain from the trigger points surrounding everything.

    I had this pain treated, and it is mostly gone. My lower back and butt pain are mostly gone-- it can get better!!

  9. GaelicWench

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    Hi there! I'm GaelicWench, and new to this forum. I have fibro, was diagnosed with it early last December. I have had it far longer than that because of the symptoms, tender points, yada, yada. I was put on Lyrica, which has helped me a good bit, thankfully. I am also on Meloxicam (Mobic), UltramER and Soma as needed.

    I apologize for using the muscle terms down below; I am not trying to be a smartypants. It comes by rote. Years and years of being and staying fit, reading up on the latest about exercise physiology, what works for exercising, what to throw out. I have to say that exercise is the definite way to keep the pain at bay, once you get past the first couple of weeks of slowly getting into it.

    The buttocks area isn't all fat. There's plenty of muscle there called the gluteous maximus, and they're large. That's why the pain, otherwise you wouldn't have nerve pain radiating down by way of the glutes to the abductors (sides of the thighs) and all the way to the gastroc nemeus (calf muscle).

    Apologies in advance for any misspellings.......

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  10. how much lyrica are you taking if you don't mind my asking. I almost died with the pain last night trying to sleep.
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    I used to have a lot of pain around my hips and butt and pelvis ... it's trigger points and it can also be due to pelvic floor tension, or a tightening of the muscles at the bottom of your pelvis. I had nerve pain shooting down my legs, massive cramps or spasms in my butt and hips ... it caused bladder pain too.

    Physical therapists can help relive it. One homemade trick is using a tennis ball- my PT told me to find the spots where it's sensitive and knotted up, and lie on the floor and position my body on the tennis ball right where the spot is, and keep it there til it releases. That way the muscles get a chance to let go, and over time the trigger point pain and spasms can go away.
  12. well if I got down on the floor I wouldn't be able to get up. I have tennis balls, you can also put it between you and the wall and push and roll it around slowly. I do it for my back and shoulders, will try it on the hip/butt area.
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    I just started having this pain a few days ago. I'm being treated for it now. In a couple of weeks the pain will ease and eventually go away completely.
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    sorry for what your going through ,im going through the same thing right now. i do not respond to much post ,but i hope you have friends who understand what your going through and family because i hava no one i have family but they dont understand and i do believe they dont even care not even my so called husband its a very hard thing to go through alone i also have four children
    the oldest is 17,15 and a set of twins that are 4 and that is hard enough plus no support from anyone i sufford from
    fm/cfs since i was 15 and i am now 35 but i seem to have gotten through it some how

    ((((((((BIG HUGGS))))))
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    butt and groin muscles both. and if I do something foolish like try to scrub something on the floor the butt has me laid out flat and almost unable to walk. freaky. and a huge pain in the butt!
  16. I went to the rheum yesterday and he injected the spot I showed him was the worse. BUT last night I was up all night tossing and turning in pain. He said there was a large bursa there? I almost jumped off the table on the least of the twos intensity. Now under the butt hurts. Does it get hard for u to walk with it? Any more suggestions? I can take pain but this brings you to your knees . I am getting desperate.

    (if u hven't had it believe me it isn't funny, watch out it may hit u, this dd is a dd alright)
  17. I went to the rheum yesterday and he injected the spot I showed him was the worse. BUT last night I was up all night tossing and turning in pain. He said there was a large bursa there? I almost jumped off the table on the least of the twos intensity. Now under the butt hurts. Does it get hard for u to walk with it? Any more suggestions? I can take pain but this brings you to your knees . I am getting desperate.

    (if u hven't had it believe me it isn't funny, watch out it may hit u, this dd is a dd alright)
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    I have had this for awhile now. Does anyone else's pain move to the front groin area and the pelvic area? Also does anyone have pain from under thier armpit all the way down to their hip? It can hurt so bad! I have a Dr's appt. tomorrow just to make sure it is the fibro and nothing else. I feel it is the fibro, because it has the same tender, burning feeling. I hate it when you get a new pain. I let my mind get carried away and then I think I have something else thats major. So tired if it all. Another reason I think it is just the fibro is because its on my right side, the side I have all the trouble with. It can make you crazy if you let it... and sometimes I do!
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    There is a sharp stabbing in my 'upper' butt/lower back region. I've blamed it on my sciatic. It stabs in the back then travels down my hip to the top of my right thigh and sometimes my knee. By the time it gets there it is an ache. It hurts right now and narcotics are the only thing that give me relief. The doctors keep telling me to stretch and stretch. I have a hard time with that because I'm so exhausted. I consider it a good day if I can walk upright and make it to work!

    I had an MRI and of course, all of the damage is on the left side, so the doc thinks I'm faking for drugs. At least I'm sure he thinks this since he refused to refill my pain meds. I posted my pain mgmt doc horror story last week and right now I live from day to day on who will prescribe something for relief or who will just give me more worthless drugs that I refuse to take!
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    When I started the 2nd week of Lyraca at a double dose I felt almost immediately fibro. pain free. I haven't had any real side effects yet. This is week 3. I had the butt and hip pain for years in addition to full body pain.

    I found so much immediate relief that I just recommended it to my mother.

    I hope you find something that works for you soon.
    best wishes,