Pain in the sides of the butt/hip area?

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  1. Peace77

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    That's my most sensitive trigger point. I can't stand when the rheumy has to press on it.

    I always walk with a limp and can't walk with the quick gait I had b4 rx. It is especially painful when I have to lean down and straighten up again. Movement of this action is always painful. Getting in and out of cars is very painful.

    I'm sorry some of you have it so bad you can't lay on that side. that's like my arm the dr. thinks so far its tendonitis. I didn't go to the dr. for 6 mos. waiting for it to go away but it never did. Just figured it was fibro. Still can't sleep on that side. Am stuck in one position now, my left side. I said to dr. I hope my left arm doesn't develop the same thing, bec. now I have to lay on that side all the time. he said no, it's stronger than that. But he doesn't know how FM works. The more you use a joint it wears it down and then it gets painful.

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    I have had pain in both of my sides while sleeping for years off and on, but it has gotten so bad recently that the pain radiates inside my hips and wakes me up. I saw my dr about this and he ordered a bone density scan because I was on the Depo Provera shot for 12 years and found out that I have Osteopenia...thinning of the bones before actual Osteoporosis. So now I have to take Actonel, and 1200mgs of calcium and vitamin D every day.

    On top of that, I've have had chronic fatigue syndrome for 4 years now, it started when I was 26 and lost 50 pounds, and got back into gymnastics. I've had every blood test and tried every medicine there is. I don't think I have Fibro because I already had degenerative disc disease, chondramalatia patella...a degenerative knee condition, and tendonitis in both of my wrists from gymnastics that started from age I am in constant pain depending on the day. I just had a tubal ligation in May because I am allergic to the pill and the other options won't work for me.

    I finally got ss disability and am apparently on medicare..they just sent me my card without any info. I have been in arthritis swim classes with the older ladies and men, and this seems to be the ONLY thing that makes me feel a tiny bit better but does nothing to help my fatigue and tiredness. P.S..I am only 30 years old. UGH!
  3. bluegirl so are u saying the osteopenia caused the pain in the hip/butt area? What did u do to help the pain or what did the drs. say? I am confused by your post, sorry fogtime here.HELP! I can't sleep either for more than an hr and the pain wakes me up. <br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 07/19/2008</i>]
  4. while cleaning out my favorites I found side effects of lyrica which I have been on, ck this out....LOWER BACK OR SIDE PAIN!

    Accidental injury; bloating or swelling of face, arms, hands, lower legs, or feet; blurry vision; burning, tingling, numbness or pain in the hands, arms, feet, or legs; change in walking and balance; clumsiness; confusion; delusions; dementia; difficulty having a bowel movement (stool); difficulty in speaking; double vision; dry mouth; fever; headache; hoarseness; increased appetite; lack of coordination; loss of memory; lower back or side pain; mood or mental changes; painful or difficult urination; problems with memory; rapid weight gain; seeing double; shakiness and unsteady walk; sensation of pins and needles; sleepiness or unusual drowsiness; stabbing pain; swelling; tingling of hands or feet; trembling, or other problems with muscle control or coordination; trembling or shaking of hands or feet; shakiness in legs, arms, hands, feet; unusual weight gain or loss

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    Same pain in both hips and back almost always when lying down in bed. Xrays show nothing out of the ordinary and doctor says that it doesn't appear to be FM. Have had CFS for 14 (?) years or so. Nothing hits the pain except to move position or just get up and move around.
  6. hi all,

    i can only speak for myself on this one.

    ive found that the pain in the sides of the butt/hip area,are due to the fibromyalgia muscle illness,as are the ribcage muscle pains.

    im on holiday from work for a week,and decided id like to camp out in the tent on the back garden,like i used to do when the kids were small.

    i cant afford a proper holiday away.nevermind.

    anyway,i could hardly walk first thing in the morning,after camping out,as my sides of the butt/hip area,ached so much,it made me feel sick with the pain.

    so ive put that down to cold damp weather.

    back indoors,all recovered well.but my bed seems to hurt my lower spine.lower spine didnt hurt while camping,isnt that strange?

    so i need a really good bed,but need good bed money too...catch 22 when working part time due to M.E/CFS.

    the bed i slept on in my tent is a fold up has wooden slats that fit over a metal frame,and has a comfy sponge mattress that is 2 inch thick.

    maybe we need a orthapedic bed in our homes,but they are really expensive arent they.

    ive also thought of buying a really thick sponge mattress for my bed that is indoors.maybe we should totally get rid of spring mattresses,funds allowing.

    love fran
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    Sleeping is difficult because of this pain in both sides! Last nite I tried to fall asleep on my stomach but that didn't work either cuz it hurts my ribs! What to do? Sleep standing up?lol!!
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    that i too have pains there. It is in the tender points area and boy oh boy does it hurt. Since becoming ill with FM I now know where all my darn muscles are because at one time or another I've have pain in them.
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    Lookis like I'm in great company~
    Wow,..I'm surprized at all of us who suffer with this hip pain.!!
    Mine mostly bothers me when I'm laying down.
    I love to sleep on my side,and its almost impossible nowdays.
    I'm forever waking up with really bad hip pain,so I'll move/shift positions and it'll go away.
    For about 2 hrs. Then I gotta move/shift again. !!
    no wonder I'm tired all day~

    For some reason when I sleep on my sides,... my knees hurt to be touching together.
    hate this crappy FM!!

    :) Tandy
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    i just had the same problem.. my left hip area would start hurting and the pain would spread down my leg and up my back. got so that i couldn't stand for more than 5mins or do anything but lie on my heating pad. i brought it up to my physical therapist, and he moved my legs around some. turns out the muscle that's by the sciatic nerve cramped around the nerve. he did some stretching on me and told me what to do at home. w/in a week i was noticing differences, and my family cheered when i was abl eto shop for groceries w/out needing a wheelchair. don't know what caused it, but the stretching really did work
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    me too!! I have been undergoing a series of injections to help with the pain. The ones in the sacroiliac area did help somewhat with the pain. And the shots I had yesterday in the hip area...cant remember the specific name, I don't know if that will help because I am still pretty sore.

    I am amazed that so many of us suffer with the same pain.

    Take care all!!
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    I have been having the pain in my hip and butt when I sleep. It usually doesn't bother me during the day just wakeing me up in the middle of the night. I have seen all of your posts, and while I am happy to know I aint the only one,I still haven't found the answer. Online it says mostly woman who are preggers have this, but what about me? I am a 29 year old man. It gets pretty intense sometime, I move to the opposite side, and wake up later with the pain there, whats wrong?
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    This is bizarre. Just ran across this forum and feel like it describes me perfectly.&lt;BR&gt;
    30 years old, male&lt;BR&gt;
    Pain/soreness for 2 days in left and right butt cheeks (deep in sides like, close to hip area)&lt;BR&gt;
    Restless at night, wake up with leg moving sometimes &lt;BR&gt;
    Turn to sides all night and hate knees touching&lt;BR&gt;
    Also had upper right-side abdomen pain and lower right side - went for colonoscopy and endoscopy and they only found redness &lt;BR&gt;
    Is this FM? I'm going to try gluten free this week along with no drinking and exercise. Hope these weird, persistent pains go away. My wife thinks I'm kidding her...
  14. Beadlady

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    It started just when I would over do something like house cleaning. And then one night I was cleaning under my husb's computer desk with a long handle duster and I reached a little too far and the chair dumped me on my knees and the chair landed on top of me. My husb was dead asleep and didn't hear me yell, but my dog did and came running over to me trying to lick &amp; kiss my neck. I finally got him to go away while I got the chair off of me and managed to get up. At first I thought, oh my knees will be sore for a few days. Then low and behold I couldn't walk without pain. It kept getting worse, so I finally went to the chiropractor and got some therapy and adjustments. It helped a little and then it starting hurting more &amp; more.&lt;BR&gt;
    Finally I made appt at my medical clinic but the Nurse Practioneer that I normally see was gone so I had to see someone else. She didn't seem to believe me when I told her I had Fibro. She asked me a bunch of questions and moved me into a bunch of knots while asking does this hurt???? She decided it wasn't anything serious and said to have it xrayed would be very expensive and told me to try physical therapy and gave me about a week's worth of a new &lt;BR&gt;
    anti-imflammatory pill called Arthotec--suppose to have medicine to help prevent stomach issues.&lt;BR&gt;
    She also gave me a toradal ? shot right into the hip. The pills helped some but made my stomach upset and I called the reccommended physical therapy clinic and I can't afford to go.&lt;BR&gt;

    Not sure what to do now.

    <br><br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 08/15/2011</i>]
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    My butt pain and rhdigh and hip pain started worse after my hestorectomy and 2 rectal surgeries. Have to take a pillow anywhere I sit in hard chairs. I am going to my 50th class reunion in Oct and know it is going to be hard to sit, I panic thinking about it. Part of mine is I have a disease of the bladdar wall called cisitis of the bladdar wall, that and rectal problems are a big part of my problem. Soft pillows in my recliner help me a lot. TAke care and I hope you can get some relief, Sherry
  16. keke466

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    I have pain in the butt and hips too. It hurts to sit,stand,walk,lay. I toss and turn constantly so I don't get much rest. I have degenerative disk disease,FM and I think I have CFS but haven't been officially dx. We know so much more,than the dr's,abt all these we can just abt dx and treat ourselves. &lt;BR&gt;
    I have pain everywhere,from my head on down. When my lower back starts in,I get extreme pain on my left side and it radiates down the leg to the foot. I have the shooting pains that takes my breath away. My body takes over and I end up bending to the left and to the front and limping. I look like the humpback. I can't stand up straight or sit or stand or turn over. Most of the time I can't get out of bed fast enough to get to the BR and end up wetting myself,I wear pads so that helps. I can't control my bladder very good when like this. I'm fixing to be 54 the 26th. I feel like a very old woman. &lt;BR&gt;
  17. mingmingdread

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    I am also suffering from pain in the butt and hip area all the time. I recently went to the doctor to find out what it is the problem. She took an x-ray and nothing seems to be the I am schedule to take and MRI in March. Can someone tell me what to expect?
  18. ILoveGreen

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    There are some gentle yoga stretches specifically for the hips. The PBS Yoga lady who teaches chair-assisted &quot;Yoga for Everybody&quot; has some very easy, beneficial stretches that surprisingly enough HELP!&lt;BR&gt;
    I had a lot of the same problems many of you describe less than a year ago, went to several docs, did PT, spent a lot of $ and it didn't do much good. I started doing Yoga and that did more for me than any medication or single PT exercise. Please give it a try. Maybe just Google &quot;Chair Yoga hip stretches&quot; and give it a try.&lt;BR&gt;
  19. Lau

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    This has been an decades long problem for me. I am going to a new pain mgt. dr and he sent me for P/T, but they are not doing anything to help. Will probably end up getting injections again although I hate to get cortisone as I get a lot of side effects.&lt;BR&gt;
    Sorry I can't offer any help or advise. I have tried the lidocaine patches which help marginally after a couple of weeks. This is one of the most frustrating symptoms isn't it? The biggest problem is trying to sleep as it is too painful to lay on.&lt;BR&gt;
    It seems that I get bursitis of most joints, but this is one of the most painful areas along with the plantar fasciitis and heel spurs that I am currently experiencing.&lt;BR&gt;
    Wish we had more options to deal with this.&lt;BR&gt;
    Hope you can find relief.&lt;BR&gt;
  20. ellikers

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    Physical therapy can be so helpful for this! I'm sorry those it hasn't helped :( Perhaps they are ill-informed practitioners. &lt;BR&gt;
    Heat, anti-inflammatories and using a tennis ball for myofascial (muscle and connective tissue) release can be super helpful in the hip area. That and very slowly increasing movement. The body really needs to be as mobile as possible, and I know these diagnoses make it really hard to move, but any movement, activity, flexibility and gently increasing over time can help a TON. Muscles become more locked and atrophied (fatigued and weakened) when we don't use them, so even mellow use of them can help (laps around a room when we can do it).