Pain in the sides of the butt/hip area?

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    Physical therapy can be so helpful for this! I'm sorry those it hasn't helped :( Perhaps they are ill-informed practitioners. <BR>
    Heat, anti-inflammatories and using a tennis ball for myofascial (muscle and connective tissue) release can be super helpful in the hip area. That and very slowly increasing movement. The body really needs to be as mobile as possible, and I know these diagnoses make it really hard to move, but any movement, activity, flexibility and gently increasing over time can help a TON. Muscles become more locked and atrophied (fatigued and weakened) when we don't use them, so even mellow use of them can help (laps around a room when we can do it).
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    85 and had hip replacement a few months before me, has the bursitis in both hips, and most likely caused more so by the hip surgery, more trauma and more inflammation..<BR>
    She's waiting for the trial of Anatabloc hoping she'll get a shift in pain in the 2 week trial....oh how I hope so...she also has this tooth/gum issue and I believe it's inflammation too, so it could be a double win win if it works for her...many can<BR>
    feel a difference with the trial, I did...<BR>
    Yes, I know I sound like a salesperson, and I am, when<BR>
    something WORKS, I want to tell the world. jam
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    It could be your sacroiliac joints. They can do injections there. My doc says whenever people mention their butt hurts, it usually is the sacroiliac joint. Mine starts at lower back on each side of the spine and the pain travels across the buttocks down my leg and feet. Try Voltaren gel. It has helped me quite a bit. If I apply it as soon as it starts it prevents it from travelling any further.It is a prescription topical NSAID.