pain in toes and knuckles

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    Hi,new to this site.I've had this DD fibromagligia for dr. approved since July 01.Pain aware of for years .My question is my rt. toe is in constant pain almost 7 months now dr. says this is part of this dd. NOW my knuckles . I can barly hold a sterring wheele much less a coffee cup handle. Dr is running bloodwork for uric acid & arthistise .Shoud have resluts back Fri. tomorrow Anyone else out there with this additional pain .Thanks in adavance.
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    i have recently started having very sharp pains in my toes,sometimes i take a step,and almost fall to the floor.just ,yet another,fibro pain i guess.
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    Hi I just wanted to let you know that my tests came back as having GOUT .
    My uric acid level was so high that it was almost off the board.He says i'll have it thr rest of my life And will always have to take meds.
    my dr. prescribed Allopurinol 300 mg 1 a day.
    After a month my knuckles were STILL bad and so sowellen so last week I went back to drs.
    He put me on Indocin .25 mg 3 a day. Don't know if its helping yet .Too soon to tell. Give it another 2 weeks. But my pain in my toe seems to be alot better now.
    Gout is heredity.My beloved mother had it so bad in here knuckles.
    Check wiyh your dr. for a uric acid blood levels. Just might be the problem. I alss have Fibromyalgia.Along with both its a killer on pain.Good luck and e-mail back.